2-26-11 Saturday (Secretive Portions)

Weight Watchers?  What’s that?  That my friends, is a different story.  Somehow, my weak willpower grabbed hold and I hit the big ole pause button in the life of dieting.  Don’t judge.

We started the day with a trip to JCPenney to return some socks.  We didn’t walk around the mall, we were hungry so we made our returns and bought some other clothes that we really didn’t need.  I did get a coral colored polo to replace one that I liked and was retired due to staining. 

Jim had a coupon.  What news, huh?  I’m telling you, I’m the coupon Queen of grocery stores (saved $9 at Walmart last weekend) but Jim knows his way around entertainment/dining coupons like a specialist.  Near the mall is a Buca di Beppo.  We’ve always wanted to try this place.  We’ve never even heard of it.  Are you ready for the review? 

We walked in and I was instantly taken back by all the framed pictures cluttering the wall.  I felt like I was in a frickin’ cave.  We were lead to our table through a maze.  Really.  Every 4 tables or so was in a “room” of sorts.  This was definitely not an open concept dining room.  It was cluttered and closed in feeling.  We made so many turns we asked the hostess if they had a map.  We were seated.  We waited longer than I think we should have to be greeted.  I ordered sweet tea.  It had a stale taste.  I asked the server to switch to water because I didn't like the tea.  She said her family thinks the same way of the tea.

Eventually, we find the “lunch” menu section.  Good thing because everything seemed to be served family style.  The minimum size was to feed 3 people up to feeding a small village or something witty like that.  Server chick came to get our order.  For a possible future dinner visit, I asked if the items could be ordered from the lunch section at dinner time since for just two of us, we might want different items.  She said, “uhhhhhhh yeah, you kinda can.  We try to keep it quiet.  We typically don’t have a problem with that.”  What?  Is this Mafia run or something?  You either can or can’t lady.  I swear, she said that.

Many times I trust the server to help me decide between possible choices.  I teetered between the Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken versus the lasagna.  I asked.  She replied, “Cream sauce, red sauce, cream sauce, red sauce.”  I must tell you, that statement didn’t help me.  It actually stifled me for a moment.   My, in-the-head-reply was, “No shit Sherlock.”   I said I understand but was wondering what was more popular.  I couldn’t even say what I meant cause she caught me off guard.  What I wanted to know is what do the customers or even the staff prefer.  She selected the Fettuccine Alfredo.

With the lunch selection complete, and a big ole pile of chicken teeth on the floor, I started to really look around the tomb room.  Behind me were two photos with cherubs or children with exposed penis’.  Really.  Was I offended?  Nope.  BUT really?  Crosses and other religious mementos adorned the walls.  This is what an old style TGI Friday’s would like like if it were located in the Vatican’s food court.  That’s all I can say.  OK, not really, I have more.  Here’s some pictures from around the internet, click here.   The creepiest was the Pope head on the table.

    2011-02-26 002   

I took that photo on my way out of the restaurant.  It was the happiest part of the visit… the leaving part.

The food?  Bland. Nothing I can’t get elsewhere.  Nothing about the food rose above anyone else’s version.  I’ll stick with Olive Garden.  There’s also a non-chain Italian restaurant here in town that we like and are overdue for a visit to. 

Now that I sound like an anti-religious God hating restaurant critic, we’ll move on to the next part of the day… the RV show in uptown at the Convention Center.  We went last year too.  We love walking in and out of climate controlled RV’s.  Because there were so many, we stuck with touring those we’d be interested in or that were very unique.  I love 5th wheels but we’d probably never have one.  We’d like to trade our MoHo in on a bumper pull.  Probably something that the Jeep can tow or perhaps a little larger.  While in one, Jim got this paper cut on his finger that you’d think hit an artery and would require stitches.  After the first aid intermission we continued our browsing. 

I didn’t take any photos.  The only unique RV we saw was a 5th wheel with a slide out patio/veranda balcony thing that was cool.  I can’t find a photo on line since I can’t remember the name of it.  We didn’t finish the whole show so we’re going back Sunday.  I’ll try to snap some pictures.

2011-02-26 003Above: The weather has been gorgeous lately.  With warm weather and a little rain, some trees have bloomed.  It’s awesome.

After we tormented ourselves with new RV’s we can’t have, we came home to freshen up and then headed out for dinner (with reservations) to 131 Main.  This is one of the restaurants we went to during Restaurant Week.  Jim had gotten 2 free appetizer coupons so off we went. 

We ordered pork chops to share and 2 appetizers.  It was more than enough food and was all quite tasty as expected.  The service was… perfect.

Next up, a busy day for sure, we went to a comedy club.  It was fun yet strange.  Strange because it was in a lobby of some other businesses.  It was an improv comedy thing and pretty entertaining.  It looked as though we were attending an AA meeting.

2011-02-26 004


  1. The waitress told you quietly about being able to order from the lunch menu because the bosses want the check to be as high as possible.

    "Would you like to add a soup or salad to your meal?" (ka-ching!)

    "Would you like a ULTIMATE Long Island?" (ka-ching!)

    "Breadsticks? Sure I can get you some breadsticks!" (ka-ching!)

    "The Brownie Obsession is my favorite dessert. Would you like to share one?" (ka-ching!)

    It's her job to upcharge as much as possible, but I give her points for letting you know you CAN order from the lunch menu at dinnertime. (I do the same thing)

  2. You've got trees blooming already?
    You're 5-6 weeks ahead of us. :-(

  3. Miss Chef and I have been interested in Buca di Beppo, but never tried it. Maybe we never will...especially if you have to order for three! But we've heard only good things about 131 Main; we need to put that on our "must try" list.

    What's the name of that improv group? Are they worth checking out?

  4. @Joanie: I don't want to feel like I'm a criminal when I'm ordering. Also the way she made it sound is like maybe they'll say no.

    @Wayne: Yes, beautiful pink trees. I love it!

    @Flartus: 131 Main should be on your list. Buca, not so much!

  5. @Flartus: Oh, forgot. Yes, I think the Improv group is worth the visit. http://www.thechuckleheads.com/home.html

  6. You can order individual meals. I've gone with big groups and with small and have ordered family style and have ordered a single meal. I've eaten there... a handful of times. I don't love it. The chicken marsala is pretty good. But I can get better Italian at other places!

    Love improv!!


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