2-9-11 Wednesday (Farming)

I’ve been mentioned in the 2am Podcast again.  Actually, I’ve been mentioned for the past several episodes since I blogged about it here.  Within the first 7 minutes of the podcast, Liz says my name several times.  Click here to take a listen.  One of the podcasters is a “pharmacokineticist” and per my request, he has pronounced it and defined it.  I suggest you learn the word and throw it around during day to day conversation. 

“What’s on TV tonight?”  -----  “I think there’s a fascinating Discovery TV documentary about the day in the life of a pharmacokineticist.”


“How many pharmacokineticists does it take to screw in a light bulb?”   ------  “Depends on the LADME.”

Yes, I know I’m silly.  I’m OK with that.

I might just be “popular” on their show because I comment and since they’re new, I’m one of the few listeners thus far.  That’s OK.  You too can listen, comment, and they’ll most likely answer any questions “on the air”.

As I’ve mentioned Monday, it’s my last week as a civilian bum.  I’ve had a things to do list that seems to be growing.  It’s like life is ending and now I’m scrambling to complete menial tasks.  I thought you might like to see my list.  The things I do.  The things I have yet to do.

To Do List

That’s the list so far.  There’s only 4 lines left and that my friends is where I say enough is enough.  How can I squeeze in solving world hunger when there’s so many other things to be done? 


  1. Focus on the finding the genie... that will then solve the rest of them. Heehee!

    The All About Garret Podcast... that could be fun!

    And I love to say pharmacokineticist. It's a fun word.

  2. It IS a fun word Liz. LOL. Be sure to throw that in a few times next week.

  3. All three of them have fantastic voices! OMG, my (recorded) voice is so so bad. Creaky hinge is actually giving myself too much credit.

    Congratulations on being featured I'm still listening, but just heard my first "Garret!" presumably about your long distance cheapness?

    LOL. Priceless.

  4. Yes, Alix. I was the listener who complained. LOL.


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