2-8-11 Tuesday (Pissed Patron)

Rant Animated 1

It’s time for another edition of “Your Service Sucks”.   Please say that in your best echoing announcer voice.  So… as you may remember, we picked out Mohawk’s Oaktown Hardwood for our flooring.  It’s a 3” engineered wood in a cherry finish.  I researched the internet and found a photo of it on Mohawk’s website along with this info:


See right above where it says “The item above is not available at all locations.  Click here to search for a store near you.”  You’d think that it would tell me the stores that have it, right?  So one of my choices was a Lowe’s.  I went there the other day.  They don’t carry it.  I came home, went to their site again and emailed Mohawk:

Mohawk comment

Today I tried the locate again and found “Carpet and Rug Superstore”.  Mohawk’s website gave me one address, the company’s website gave a different.  I trusted the company’s first.  I went there.  They have no Mohawk samples at all.  I commented how Mohawk’s website had the wrong address.  They said they’ve been there for several years!

Later this evening I received an email from Mohawk:

“Thank you so much for taking the time to contact Mohawk.  We appreciate your interest in our flooring products.  Oaktown is part of the Portico Collection, which is designed for use by our builder accounts and is available at select retailers.  For information on your local Mohawk retailers, please visit www.mohawkflooring.com/mohawk-retailer.”

Ugh!  OK, so now I know it’s designed for builder use but what about the damn sample?  So I reply:

“Thanks but how can I get a sample?  Can I buy one from you?  I have used your local Mohawk option twice.  Once for a Lowe's that didn't have it.  Today I went to Carpet & Rug Superstore Charlotte, NC 28213 (704) 599-0638.  Your website has their incorrect address... they moved several years ago they said.  They did not have any samples of any of your products at all.  Why is it so difficult to give you my business?”

Bitchy much?  Why, yes, thank you.  I’ll let ya know what happens.  Naturally, they’ll indirectly get my business whether they reply or not since this was my only choice by the builder.

In other non-interesting news, the rental management company, who sucks too, came for an inspection today.  Just a walk through to check the condition of the carpeting and such.  It went fine.


  1. I had a nice long comment and I got a notice that it was a bad error! I think there' is something funky going on with google or blogger. yours wasn't the first error message I got this morning.

  2. Oh NOW it goes through, and waiting for approval!

  3. I have comment moderation off so it can't be awaiting approval. I double checked.

  4. What will all these companies do when you're working full time and no longer have the time to take them to task?? How can the rest of us consumers go on without your voice? Le sigh...

  5. Puh-leese. I have so far spent an hour and a half on the phone trying to iron out a problem with a flight change for our Big Summer Trip. I won't go into details; suffice it to say I totally understand you.

    And what's most aggravating is that it's impossible to get anyone on the phone with any sense / knowledge / authority / personality / English I can understand.

    Maybe I'll just go to the airport on departure day & throw a hissy fit at the counter, then wait for them to upgrade us to 1st class in apology. That's how it works, right?

  6. Well, you need to either blog about the details or mention it here. I know you're going abroad. Other than that, details please. :-)


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