2-18-11 Friday (Infringements)

Greetings from a working man.  Yay.  Week one is over.  I like the class, particularly the trainer.  Trainer Jay keeps the class humorous and moving along.  It’s a great start, to a new career.  If you’ve forgotten where I work it’s Wells.  You can also review this entry for more info. 

I did get a reply from Mohawk on the 14th regarding a flooring sample.  They replied:

“We apologize for the difficulties you've encountered in your search for the Oak Town product.  I've located one retailer in your area that participates in the Portico program, and hopefully can assist you with the style you're interested in.”

They gave me a source that I’ll call and see if they even have samples then I need to determine if it’s worth the drive.  It’s in Harrisburg and I’m not sure where that is in relation to me.

I’ve been wanting to shoot a letter off to Crave regarding our visit the other night.   I basically copied and pasted that blog entry into an email.  I prefaced the email with an apology:

“I was at your restaurant on Saturday 2-12.  I have been to your restaurant several times and typically bring out of town guests.  Here's my feedback, review, complaint or whatever else you want to call it.  Forgive the "way" it's written because I copied and pasted it from my blog:”

I didn’t mention the blog address any where.  Probably within 15 minutes of sending the email, I received a call from the GM, Phil.  He apologized, wanted to know the servers name (which she never mentioned), and talk about it.  He said the owner is making more menus.  We chatted about the entire situation and he’s putting a $50 gift card aside with my name on it.  What would be interesting is if I went now, how different would my experience be?

With my first day of work out of the way, I put together a blog entry with a few photos.  Friend, Scott, emailed me with a caution that my photo could be infringing proprietary information.  He’s right.  The photo showed our phone system.  I removed the photo.  I assume the photo of the Hershey’s sign and the cafeteria would be fine since it’s not business related.

The past few times we’ve visited our lot we’ve gotten so much clay-mud stuck to our shoes.  It happened 1 too many times so we decided having a supply of “booties” in the car would be a great idea.  I got on eBay and search for some.  I found 200 for $6.95, free shipping.  So we got a 100 pairs and that should last us a while.


I received my package and here’s what was in it:


I was amused.  What’s Mickey Mouse got to do with shoe booties?  Something tells me that I’ll never know.


  1. That's not Mickey. That's his distant cousin, 5 times removed, procreated by siblings...

    Glad it was a good week!!

  2. Be careful with using the bank logo on your blog. Most large companies want control of their online presence and go 'ape shit' when they see their logo's anywhere they did not put it themselves online.....


  3. @Derek: Thanks, I changed it. I made my own "logos".


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