2-15-11 Tuesday (Robotic Employees)

Yesterday I told you all about my company’s cafeteria, ice cream place, dry cleaners, etc.  Today we ventured one building over at lunch time so that we could see the food court.  The food court has a Chick-fil-A, a Quiznos, a Sbarros, Seattle's Best Coffee and a fast foodish Chinese place.  Amazing.  It was a long walk though.  I’d probably stick to bringing my own lunch, as I did yesterday and today for a few reasons.  It’s much cheaper, I’ll only get a 1/2 hour for lunch and I can’t trust myself to make smart choices when yummy looking food is around me.

I sat in the front row on my first day so that I could be as close to the action as possible.  I was afraid my suspected ADD would kick in and I’d day dream about ridiculous things when I should be paying attention.  Our trainer, Jay, thus far has been awesome.  He’s easy going, amusing and keeps a great pace.  I think I zoned out once for a very short time.

We made it through a bunch of company philosophy stuff today as well as some of our customer service modules. 

On a return trip from the bathroom, I heard a beeping noise in the hallway.  There was nothing there but the sound was getting closer.  Suddenly a big cart of sorts turns the corner and comes toward me.  I stepped out of the way.  No one was pushing it.  It had several postal bins on it and some lettering that read, “Mail Mobile”.  It was such a cool thing.  I Googled several words to find a picture that best represents what it was.  This is the best photo I could find online.  It was similar to this:



Isn’t that crazy? 

Here’s a Google Earth view of my work.  Notice the visual size of the cars in the parking lot.


Below is another view, zoomed in.

Map 2

So, I’m sitting next to a 23 year old body builder who has competed with a body fat % of 3.5 or something like that.  So, through out the day I reach in my lunch bag and pull out brownies and cookies to snack on.  After my first day, I had to tell him that I’m on Weight Watchers and they are approved snacks.  I couldn’t help it.  He’s a nice guy that’s working on his Masters in health so I’ve been talking to him about nutrition and such.  He’s the type of guy you’d expect to see eating egg yolks and grass.  There he was sitting at a table by himself with fast food Chinese in front of him.  Me and a fellow student, Erin, sat with him.  He did admit that he likes his fair share of crap food from time to time.

Day #3 tomorrow!  We get ID tags made up!  That will be nice because right now here’s a breakdown of time:

10 minutes to work.  5 minutes at the guard shack.  5 minutes to park and get into the building lobby.  5 minutes to check in with the lobby guard.  5 minute walk to the classroom.  Once I get an ID, I can park closer to the classroom and bypass guards.  Yay!


  1. I am so proud of you for making friends!! And he sounds like an interesting guy to be friends with.

    I am in awe of your new workplace. And I've never seen or heard of a mail system like that!! Wow!

  2. "He’s a nice guy that’s working on his Masters in health so I’ve been talking to him about nutrition and such. He’s the type of guy you’d expect to see eating egg yolks and grass."

    Hilarious. Except it's probably egg whites and grass with a total body fat of 3.5%. Love your snacky guilt and confession. So funny.

    But about work... a much better fit. You working in a state of the art facility with crazy driverless mailmen.

    You deserve it. Hope they deserve you. XO

  3. Wow! That is some big complex!

  4. Oh, I think you answered my earlier question...does that say "Wachovia" on it?

    I have to confess that in spite of my high-class and local, down-to-earth food snobbery, I love me some bad Chinese,too. And a crispy classic McDonald's chicken sandwich. I don't tell Miss Chef about those, and she doesn't tell me about her Taco Bell. ;)


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