2-13-11 Sunday (Bitten)

Jim and I departed Charlotte at about 10am for a roadtrip to Columbia, SC.  The purpose?  Fun of course.  Fun with Amy and her family (The Francis Family).  Amy and Jim went to school together in FL.  Small world.  Yeah.  We met up for lunch at a Publix, particularly one with a café area to dine in.  We love Publix.  We miss Publix.  For those of you unaware, Publix is a supermarket and they don’t have any locations near us.  In their deli, they makes lots of stuff, but their subs are awesome.  Their bakery is to die for too.  It was strange meeting friends at a supermarket for lunch but damn was it good.

2011-02-13 001

We then followed Amy and Jeff and their 2 kids, Matt and Megan to the Riverbanks Zoo.  We walked around.  We saw animals.  I snapped some photos.  I won’t bore you with my animal photos.  If you want to see more, you can view them by clicking here)

2011-02-13 005Above: Megan and Amy.

At one point we were standing at some entrance to an exhibit.  The Francis family spoke in code about how Jim should hold the cup.  Well, it was a feed the lorikeets with a nectar sorta thing.  Jim was given the nectar and in we went.  A bird immediately landed on his arm and licked away at the nectar.  Jim tried to pet it and it bit him.  Naturally the signs say it might hurt but that it’s only a nibble.  The son of a bitch bird broke Jim’s skin!

2011-02-13 011

2011-02-13 009

For a few minutes, Jim had 2 birds.  Sometimes they land on your head or your shoulder, sometimes they crap on you.  Good times.  Luckily there was no crapping on Jim.

2011-02-13 0132011-02-13 0062011-02-13 0072011-02-13 0082011-02-13 0102011-02-13 012

What a sport.  Better him than me.

2011-02-13 017Above: Jim shows us his cow milking skills.

2011-02-13 018Above: Matt shows us his skills too. 

2011-02-13 019Above: 2 turkeys.

2011-02-13 023Above: Jim and I

2011-02-13 026Above: Jim in yellow, Matt behind him, Jeff has the hat on, Amy with the sunglasses and Megan beside her.

2011-02-13 027Above: Me with a gorilla.  He barely moved.

2011-02-13 029Above: Francis family.  Matt, Amy, Megan, Jeff

2011-02-13 030Above: Hawks Flamingos.

2011-02-13 032Above: Megan in front of the penguin exhibit.

2011-02-13 033Above: Matt is taking photography classes and had a ginormous digital camera.

After we saw all the animals we went to the botanical garden section of the zoo.  It happened to be the last day of some large orchid show.  I’m glad we caught it because there were some beautiful orchids on display.  Some variations I’ve never seen.  Here’s a few.

2011-02-13 0472011-02-13 0442011-02-13 0452011-02-13 046

And as we left we saw this:

2011-02-13 049Above: And now, a word from our sponsors, by Jeff on behalf of Compoost.

2011-02-13 050Above: “When ordinary poo, just won’t do.”

Here’s some videos from the day.  They’re all short, don’t worry:


We had a blast!  Maybe next time, the Francis family can meet us for some snow-tubing or other mountainy type fun stuff!


  1. OMG, I miss Publix too! Along with 711 and Denny's ... lol

  2. PS: I forgot to thank you for the Publix shout out. I was looking for my name and a nod to the Apron's cooking ladies, but alas you were in a rush to pose with gorillas. Good to see you all out having a good time. You should have had dinner at Chef Green's place!

  3. @3 Chunky: I miss Perkins. Jim misses 7-11.

    @Boozy: I privately sent you a picture of the Apron sign via phone. No one was at the Apron station otherwise I wanted to pose with the demo'er and caption it "Alix's clone" or the like.

  4. I think we have the same "hawk" shot. And a pic of the same gorilla--only he was sitting with his back smack up against the viewing window. He's a bit more impressive close-up!

  5. Yeah, but I think he looks good next to me. ;-)


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