2-14-11 Monday (Spy Photos)

Today was my first day of work.  The first day of my 6 weeks of training.  I picked my spot (front row) and here’s my “desk” for now.  The object to the right of the computer is a phone system having to do with our inbound call part of my job.  We’ve not even talked about it today.

***** Photo removed just in case I’d be breaking any breach of contract rules.

Friend Mark asked what my coworkers thought of me taking pictures.  Well, I did it as spy like as possible with my phone.

Our training materials were accidently sent to Pennsylvania and hopefully we’ll have them in a day or so.  For now, the trainer is “winging it”.  The trainer is awesome though.  He’s down to earth, keeps it interesting, and well, I’m excited about it all.

I’ve mentioned how big this place is but now that I’ve walked through some of it, I gotta tell ya – monstrous.  Ginormous.  We haven’t even went to another section where the food court is, just the HUGE cafeteria.  In this part of the building is a dry cleaner, ice cream shop, Starbucks, eye doctor, general doctor, dry cleaners, nail salon, massage place, and of course a bank.

2011-02-14 001Above: Cafeteria.  Tomorrow we get a tour of the food court where there’s fast food restaurants like Sbarro and others.  I bring my lunch.  Weight Watchers style!

The place is so big they have “tent cards” on the tables advertising the on site gym and other places.  I actually took some pictures of them but since they have email addresses and phone numbers, I thought it best to leave it off the blog.

2011-02-14 003Above: Mmmmmmmmmm.  Next door to Starbuck’s. No I didn’t.

Most of the day was about getting our various ID numbers, setting up our passwords and email account, discussing the general responsibilities of our job, and filling out some paperwork here and there.  We discussed PTO (Personal Time Off) which is 18 days per year.  General benefits.  Etc.  


  1. I love where you work! I've always wanted to work somewhere that offers all of those extras. 3M Corporate in St Paul does and apparently Corporate #2 in Austin, TX does, too. I'd just like to have a cafeteria, I think. Of course, then I'd end up broke.

  2. So are you allowed to tell us where you're working? I worked at the big Citi building in Fort Mill right next to 77. They had a cafeteria, too, but none of that other stuff. Wish we could've had a gym with showers. Might have offset some of the easy snack food.

  3. No, it's not that I can't say where I work, I just don't want the blog searched out and found via those words. This entry "shows" where I work: http://jimandgarret.blogspot.com/2011/01/1-20-11-thursday-logo-lingo-isms.html


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