2-12-11 Saturday (Discontinued)

Here’s a “final” copy of the floor plan.

2162 Floor Plan - Revised - Side view

Above/Below: clicking on either will open a new page with an enlarged version. The side view version is for those of you who print it.

2162 Floor Plan - Revised

Yes, I know my patio line isn’t perfect.  Let’s just hope the concrete guys can do it better when it actually counts.  The other change is that we added a side garage door and I forgot to draw that in.  I had also forgotten to remove the master bath window.  That tub is becoming a shower/tub combo.  We wanted a transom window, a sky light, glass block or something to bring light in there but Adams Homes does not offer any of that so we’ll have to do something after the fact.  I’d like some natural light into the bathroom.  Ideal would be a tube light thingy.  We’ll research later.  In the mean time, we’ll just light torches.

Yesterday I came across a picture on my computer that a friend, Dee Day, had made and sent me years ago.  It was like a birth announcement of sorts.  I went ahead and posted it to her Facebook wall and she was so surprised I still had it after all these years.  She asked me for a copy and said she had lost a lot of photos years ago due to a computer problem.

I’ve mentioned so many times in the past that I took 5,000 photos during our year long RVing adventure.  I’ve probably mentioned Carbonite.com too.  Aside from the RVing pictures, I have tons of other holiday, vacations and more on my computer.  I’d be devastated if I lost them all.  During our RV trip I’d occasionally burn a DVD of the photos and mail them to a friend.  I was worried about theft or fire.  What if I make a back up but that too gets stolen or burned up?  Eventually Jim stumbled on Carbonite.com.  I get a month or 2 free if I refer you so if you’re interested, please email me your email address and I’ll set it up.  Anyway, there’s a small annual charge of $55.  Just a recommendation.  It’s fantastic.  It works on its own and it monitors changes you’ve made to files or new files.  I only had to initially set it up, now it just works.

Brought to you by Carbonite.  Just kidding. 

The Beemer had it’s tire-changing appointment today.  Even though Discount Tire had the best price, we still asked for a discount.  Why not?  Why not ask if they can do better on the price.  With some key strokes here and there, the sales guy said they wouldn’t be undersold and offered a $40 instant discount coupled with a $40 mail in (actually done online) rebate by Continental.  $80 extra savings!  We had a choice of a “cash” rebate or a free Flip video camera.  We already have a Flip so we opted for the “cash”.


We then stopped over to the model center and signed that addendum about the retaining wall responsibility.  It’s still up in the air but this addendum gives us an “out” if we don’t like the final answer.  The contract is now finished so off to their corporate office it goes and then within 10 days (hopefully) it goes to NACA for approval.  Then permits and such start!

Speaking of building, I’m still working on getting a sample of the hardwoods from Mohawk.  They haven’t replied from the other day so I’ve re-sent my reply. 

Here’s an aerial view of our property:

Mapquest view

Speaking of appliances, just go with the flow, it will be easier that way, we stopped off at a discount appliance place today.  It was a scratch and dent, used, refurbished, whatever type of place to price out some stuff.  We have months and months before we’re ready but what the hell.  Anyway, while we were browsing I saw a roach scurrying on the floor.  That concerned me a little as to what we might bring into our new home.  We left.  Abruptly. 

We went to a huge Sears appliance clearance center.  Jim’s coworker recommended it.  I didn’t know such a separate place existed.  What an awesome place.  They had tons of stuff, 40% off.  Scratch/dent, discontinued, returned products, etc.  The label lets you know why it’s there.  Most warranties are still intact.  I think we’d buy our fridge brand new and our washer/dryer there since I’d care less if it were scratched.

While at the model today, I looked at the appliances a little closer.  They’re GE.  The dishwasher is crap though.  I really want a QUIET dishwasher or at least one with a delay start feature.  The rental here has a real noisy no delay start icky GE base model.  Terrible.  Oh well.  We’ll deal with it.

We went to Crave Dessert Bar tonight.  Partly a wonderful time and partly a disaster.  On Thursday I had called to make reservations.  Per their website (call anytime after 11), I called at about 11:30 and it rang and rang and rang.  Later in the day I called again.  I guy answered, I told him I wanted to make reservations and he seemed to repeat what I was saying as if he was telling someone else.  He asked if I could hold and then I think it was someone else who got on the phone and said, “OK, you want to make reservations for Saturday?”  I asked for 8pm and he said, “yeah, we can squeeze you in.”  I told him I was flexible and that if they couldn’t do it another time was fine.  He said that 8pm was the best time.

That brings us to tonight.  We dropped Ruby and Beth off at the door and parked the Jeep.  When we walked in we were told they had no reservations listed and who did we talk to.   I gave the guy as much info as I could remember.  We were seated… the place was pretty empty.  All of the couches (6 groupings) where we would like to have sat were empty with “reserved” signs on it. 

The server was terrible.  She gave us one menu 5 minutes after being seated.  This seems to be common in this place every time we go.  ONE menu no matter how large the group.  Do you know how long that takes?  Don’t they want to turn their tables over?  Anyway, the server says she’ll get us water while we look over the menu.  The 4 of us have now gotten annoyed.  It took about 10 minutes.  I felt bad.  Jim and I made this place out to be an awesome place to Beth and Ruby.  The serve was about to drop the water back and leave.  Jim had to say we’d like to order some drinks and appetizers.  We ordered stuffed mushrooms, hummus, artichoke spinach dip and a cheese platter.  Server says they are out of mushrooms.  They no longer carry cheese.  I was thinking, why don’t they take the cheese page out or stick a note in there.  It’s obvious you only have 5 menus to the entire restaurant so what’s the big deal?  We went with just the hummus and spinach dip.

Ruby and Beth weren’t 100% sure about their choice so the server took only our order and said she’d be right back.  Ugh.

CheeseAbove: Stuff no longer available.

HummusAbove: The online version doesn’t even show the stuffed mushrooms.

Eventually server girl stopped by and said our (me and Jim’s drinks) would be out shortly.  It was a long time.  How long does it take for a place that’s no so busy?  Maybe they’re short staffed?  Side note: We’ve now been there a half hour and the reserved couches are still empty.

Ruby and Beth order drinks, the appetizers came out relatively quickly.  The appetizers were awesome!  We ordered dessert.  We agreed we’d get 4 desserts and share them all.  Jim’s personal pick was:


Not in season. Ugh, another dish they didn’t have.  Our other 4 choices were:



I get that this is an upscale place.  I do.  We watched the servers walk around like they had no cares in the world.  Any where else, if it was too busy, the server WORKED it.  Not ours.  Laid back.  Strutted around.  Terrible.  Her tip reflected that at 10%.

Here’s some pictures:

2011-02-12 005

Above/Below: Ruby ordered this fun drink called “The One Night Stand”

2011-02-12 006


2011-02-12 007


2011-02-12 008


2011-02-12 009


2011-02-12 010


2011-02-12 011Above: Sorry, I forgot to take a picture before hand! 

2011-02-12 012Above: Ruby’s dessert drink.

2011-02-12 013Above: Hey!  There’s still some left!

2011-02-12 014Above: Amaretto Sour.

2011-02-12 015

Only 4 out of the 6 booths had people in them by the time we left at 9:30pm.

** Sunday we took a trip to the Riverbanks Zoo, in Columbia, SC.  I start my job Monday so I’ll probably be a tad behind.


  1. Obviously that comment is spam but it is SO HYSTERICAL that I think you should leave it there!!!! Maybe American women are the reason you're gay? Hahahaha!

    You forgot to mention the typo in the description of the chocolate cake. "envelope" instead of "enveloped."

  2. Do you plan to write to the company to complain about the terrible service and the menu? I would!

    LOL that you got hit with the spam! It's been popping up all over the web these past few weeks.

    I hope your house changes get approved!

  3. Roaches! No!

    I wonder if GE has some kind of deal with all the home builders across America. Their brand seems to be in most model homes. I was once told by an appliance repairman that GE appliances gave them the most business. Their Profile series is all pretty and upscale, but still break a lot. When we bought new appliances a couple years ago we went with KitchenAid. So far so good, but our expensive, super deluxe, whisper quiet dishwasher is only marginally quieter than our last one, and not as good. Not thrilled at all. The fridge and stove are great tho. Maybe dishwashers in general are just unimpressive?

    Floor plan question: Remind me again why your dining room is up front and your living room is off the kitchen?

  4. @Liz: I deleted that comment. You know I've seen that same comment on many blogs and one blog even made a topic/entry about it.

    @Joanie: I do plan to write to the company. I had so much time on my hands prior, now I don't have enough time. LOL.

    @Boozy: It's not uncommon to have a dining room at the front door if that's what you're thinking. The reason we're doing that is because this house didn't come with a formal dining room, more of just a dinette. We wanted something away from the dinette so there's not to eating areas on top of one another.

  5. I'm doing some catch-up here, and probably missed some anyway...but I wanted to make sure you know about Queen City Appliance. They have an outlet on South Blvd. Might be worth checking out.

    Also, in regards to quiet dishwashers, we got an LG at Home Depot...because Miss Chef swears by LG phones, lol. But we've been very happy with it. My brother got a Miele, which is even quieter, but I don't get the impression you guys are really rolling in the greenbacks--they're pricey!

  6. We've got the money however I don't want to part with it. We put a lot of money into our first house build but our mortgage was like $1800. When we lost our jobs, and the economy took a crap, I more or less vowed to live simpler lives... or so we're trying.


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