2-11-11 Friday (Scary Phone Calls)

Jim spoke with his dad, Terry, the other night about our house construction.  Terry is part owner of a construction company in Naples, FL that Jim’s grandfather, Dave Kelly, started over 25 years ago, called Surety Construction.  Sometime toward the end of completion, Terry will try to personally inspect the construction of our home!

So, I looked up the tires Jim wanted on Sears.com.  This box popped up with all the pricing.


At the bottom of the box is “Call me Now”.  I clicked it.  Another box popped up:


I entered my phone number.  As soon as I clicked “talk by phone” my phone rang and nearly scared the shit outta me.  A recording said, “thank you for calling Sears, please hold the line.” or something like that. 15 seconds later, I was talking to a real person.  Holy crap!  Kudos to Sears!  Unfortunately they don’t have the tires Jim wants in stock and they’re on backorder.

Did you miss me?  I took a “break” to vacuum, mop and clean 2.5 bathrooms.  I’ve also washed the sheets.  It’s my last weekday off for a while!  I start work Monday!

In yesterday’s blog entry, I wrote about thinking in the shower and how hard it was to remember stuff once I dried off.  Friend, Jennifer Logsdon, commented:

Blogger 3 Chunky Dunks said...

Great... now I have a mental image of u in the shower... thinking... lol :)
Maybe you could get some of those wall crayons for kids and use those to write on your shower wall while you are in there. They come off easy with just a wipe. Then if you do forget, next time you get in the shower you will see the message written on the wall. (hopefully this link works)

Thanks Jen, the link did indeed work.  Those are washable crayons, however, they make crayons specifically for use in the tub:


What a creative idea, although it’s unlikely I’ll utilize it. 

A side note about Jennifer.  She was an employee of mine several years ago.  She and her “chunky” sisters have created a blog to document their weight loss journey.  “From FAT to PHAT-abulous”.  I can’t remember the diet plan they’re on but they are doing well.  If you have the time, perhaps you can comment here or on their blog with some words of encouragement?


Go girls!  You can do it!

I did manage to get Dasher’s nail done did.  Yes, I took him to Petsmart for a mani.  I then threw together a menu for next week and went grocery shopping at Walmart.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting night out with Ruby and Beth to Crave Dessert bar.  Sunday a trip to Columbia’s zoo with Jim’s high school friend, Amy, and her family.  Later in the week, we plan to meet up with my cousin Andrea’s husband Kevin.  He’ll be in town from Myrtle Beach for training in his new job!


  1. Amazon has that "instant phone call" customer service, too...I used it once for a missing shipment and was pretty fascinated and happy with how it worked! So much better than calling and punching in 1 for this, 2 for that, 0 for a representative...and then sitting on hold for-effing-ever.

  2. Enjoy your weekend and make sure you get to bed early and not drunk on Sunday night so you are all bright eyed and bushy tailed for Monday morning. I can't wait to hear how you like your first day of training. And about all the cute little zoo babies.

    Keep up the good work Jennifer and sisters !!!!!

  3. Yay for Sears! I've experienced the Amazon version, too. It's a great system!

    They make markers you could use in the shower, too. I love giving them as gifts to other kids- you can write on glass and such with them and it wipes right off. Or you could install a white board in your shower. Or you could use a sharpie and write your notes on your arm.

  4. Yay.. I'm famous! lol.. thanks for the plug Garret! :)

    I knew there were bathtub crayons, but I was having a brain fart at the time I posted that, but you got my drift.

  5. @Jodie: Cute little zoo babies. yay!

    @Liz: Oh, so just when I thought I got something special...

    @Jen: Famous? Probably not so much.

  6. Hi Jodie!

    Oh yeah, hi Garret. {wink}

    Great post. Immaget some of those crayons for Adrian. She like to write notes and messages to herself on her dresser mirror, and Expo markers are so last year. Thanks for the idea!

    Just popped over to the 3 Chunky Dunks blog to spread a little love. I think they will do brilliantly if they can stay away from the Big Dipper and fried coconut shrimp!

    By the way... how's WW treating you this time around?

  7. Note to Jen: If you're scared of the mental image of Garret in the shower, just be thankful you didn't see his naked shower photo with the extra long exaggerated "modesty bar." We gotcha number Garret. You probably have a Ferrari in the garage too.

  8. WW is going well. Down 2 pounds. I have to be careful on weekends. Jim LOVES to eat out and for some reason, this time around I'm not as "strong".


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