2-7-11 Monday (Pests)

Today is my last Monday.  Not like I’m dying or anything.  Well, aren’t we all dying from the time we’re born?  I digress.  Let’s start over.  It’s my last Monday as an unemployed bum.  Now I’ll be an employed bum next week.  I just wish that I had a little more time off.  I’m kidding!  When I had started that icky job at Triple Letter Car Care, I was asked on a Friday evening to come in and start the next day.  So, there wasn’t that prep to rejoin the working world sorta feel.  What do I really need to do anyway?  Nada.

I did lotsa laundry today.  I’m not sure where it all comes from.  I can’t wait for warmer weather which means less clothing or at least less fabric.

Dasher didn’t quite appreciate his bath today.  Not nearly as much as I appreciate his cleanliness. 

This upcoming weekend should be fun.  Jim and I are planning a trip to Crave, the dessert bar we’ve been to several times.  We have some Groupons to burn up before they expire in March.  We’ve also planned a trip to Columbia to visit with Jim’s high school friend.  Her family and we will be going to the zoo.  Expect plenty of photos.

We found out yesterday after contract signing that Adams Homes include the Taexx pest control system.  There’s a port that Hometeam Pest Control can hook into that will spray stuff into the walls through perforated tubes.  The link I included has a very short video that shows what happens.  For a longer explanation you can watch this:

It’s sounds useful but we’re unsure of the price for treatments.  It might be $50 a quarter.  We’ll decide down the road.

Although Jim works for one company (image), he underwrites on contract for another (image).  He was fortunate to get offered a deal on the Microsoft Office Suite for $9.95!  Sold in stores for over $200! 

He gets only one purchase, for one license but that’s OK, we’ll put it on his laptop since his only has a trial edition and I have a full older edition on mine.


Pretty damn good deal, eh?

I was surprised and delighted to have gotten a call from the recruiter today.  She was checking in with me to see if I had any questions.


  1. You wanna know what's funny? I make the SAME comment about dying each day on this week's podcast. Which you could listen to if Jeff would get it posted...

    The spray thing in the walls sounds cool! Although, we've never had any kin dof pest control done around or to our house so not sure we'd take advantage.

  2. I have my own pest control system, my cats. I haven't had a mouse in the house in more than 5 years now.

    Enjoy your last week of leisure!

  3. All hail the employed bum! Hope you enjoy your new job kiddo. The internal pest control thing sounds cool. I wonder why we don't have that here in Florida, the bug Capitol of the world.

  4. Am totally looking forward to this house building adventure, like a journey minus the RV. Please accept me as a friend on facebook since you might just think I am random.

  5. @Liz: I can't believe I'm on the podcast again. LOL.

    @Joanie: LOL. I have always had cats too, but they have no claws and like to play with their food too much.

    @Alix: That bug system was probably offered in FL and it would be perfect there. I think it's a "during construction only" type thing since it runs in the ways.

    @Charleen: Thanks! I was wondering if I'm bragging about it too much... LOL


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