2-24-11 Thursday

On Wednesday, Jim stopped at the Salvation Army to check out some clothes.  Sometimes he’ll find a souvenir shirt for some city we’ve been to.  Yes, sometimes he’ll buy it too.  It seems funny to buy a souvenir shirt 2 years after we’ve been there, doesn’t it?  This time, he found a t-shirt for Corvette Diner in San Diego.  We went there March 2009 with my cousin David.  This was a more interesting find since it wasn’t just a city, but a place in the city.  Naturally, he bought it:


Over the weekend we stopped at a few furniture stores.  When the house is completed we’ll need at least living room furniture and a guest bedroom of furniture.  I know we’ve got plenty of time but just like the appliance shopping, we want to keep our eyes open.  We’re pretty much checking out who carries what and for what price.

I did call the flooring place and received a recording that they’re only open 7-4 Monday through Friday.  I guess I understand.  The place has “building products” in their business name so they aren’t out there for me but rather the construction industry.  I’ll have to call back during business hours and find out if I can buy/get a sample from them.  If not, I may ask my home builder salesperson, Michelle.  I’m trying not to be annoying to be less annoying. 

Jim has been sick with a cold this week.  I tried to avoid it.  I sprayed Lysol all around the house like an OCD Germaphobe.  At about 3pm on Tuesday while in training, my throat became sore.  I drank fluids, chomped a breath mint, nope, still sore.  The sore throat started it.  Wednesday morning my head is clogged, throat sore, sniffly, etc.  I stopped at a Rite-Aid for supplies and went into work.  Jim called out sick.

On Thursday, I was feeling worse.  I was completely stuffy with lotsa snot.  You asked, didn’t you?  I hate going into work sick.  I’m just going to have to do the best I can to keep my germs to myself.

Our trainer decided it was time to switch up seating.  A fellow co-worker asked to remain in the front due to vision concerns.  I asked to stay put because I’m afraid I won’t learn as well.  Our trainer allowed us handicapped people to stay where we were.  I really hate being “high maintenance” but I think it was a necessity. 

Plans this weekend: An RV show, brunch with the gals, and a comedy show!  I love that we always have something going on!


  1. Snot sucks!!! lol Hope you feel better soon. Who are you going to see at the comedy show?

  2. I bet you got your cold from my sicky posts. Sorry. ;-)

  3. Wayne, I think you're right.
    Chunky, I have no idea. Jim's "driving". :-)

  4. Two things to do: if you have been around sick people or are going to be going out in crowds in the winter (or to a germy place like a doctor's office) put Bacitracin on a Qtip and coat the insides of your nostrils with it. The airborne germs will stick to the goo & never make it into your system. And if you DO feel a cold/sore throat starting, gargle with heavy duty Listerine every hour or so...I swear it kills anything and the cold will not progress much if at all. If you still get the head cold/snot, Mucinex D and hot green tea with honey or clear chicken broth (low sodium) all dayyyyyy...

  5. Thanks Norma. For a sore throat I'd take 8 St. Joseph's baby aspirin, put them under my tongue and let them melt down my throat. Instant cure! And I mean cure.


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