2-2-11 Wednesday (Changes)

Awesome news!  I emailed our NACA counselor this morning since he hadn’t returned our emails or calls.

“This email from Jim has went unanswered.  I called you on Monday the 31st and left a voicemail.  Your voicemail system promised a response within 24 hours.  I have not heard back from you.  Are you ill or on vacation?”

His response was that he was ill and that we were approved for $X PITI a month.  When I use NACA’s calculator to figure out the payments into a total purchase price, it’s what we need to build that house!  I’m so excited but I can’t tell Jim until later since he’s in training at work.  I’m gonna text him.

imageimageWe’re still going back and forth with the builder, salesperson Michelle, about changes and upgrades.  Adams Homes is NOT a custom builder so there will be sacrifices.  Our last new home build in FL was by Oyster Bay Homes and we were so happy with them.  We built something similar to this. 


They made any change we wanted.  We could have things like flooring done by whomever we wanted.  We simply set up an allowance in the price of the house and then submitted receipts to the builder for reimbursement.  It was awesome.

Yes, I will give you more photos and details once we’ve signed the contract.  For now, if you want to see the plans again, go here to this blog entry.  I edited that post with a better, clearer floor plan scan.  So if it was hard to read the other day, take a reading course try it now.  Once again, if everything is confirmed, contract in place, I will post our “changed” floor plan.


  1. Garret, I am sooo happy for you and Jim!!!! It will be so exciting once the building starts. When the house is done Alix and I are going to come visit you. She does not know this yet. :>)

  2. The biatch doesn't even read the blog. I talked to her in chat the other day and she didn't know anything. LOL.

    Now that we know she doesn't read the blog, let's talk shit about her.

  3. I clicked on 'this' and I get page that says the domain expired on 2/3/11.

  4. @Wayne: Figures. Thanks for tellin' me. Maybe I can resurrect my old plans from the attic at some point and scan/post 'em.

  5. I fixed it. I found a JPG of the original plans. It doesn't reflect the changes we made but it's close enough.

  6. Oh yes this bitch does, GARRET! And I'm way ahead of you, Joellyn. I've already picked out the colors for my guest room... Ecru and pale lavender. Ha!

    PS: I bet you're pissed no one talked shit about me. La la la.

  7. Hey, what part of CLT are you guys building in? For some reason I think you're currently living somewhere north-ish.

    Miss Chef's parents took us to the Melting Pot back in Sept. (her mom had a gift card.) It WAS a lot of food, but we had a good time. Agreed, we'd never go there without some kind of discount.

  8. We currently live in the University City area and will be building here as well.


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