1-22-11 Saturday (Share? Hell No)

We did little of value today other than our 131 Main outing so let’s cut right to the evening.  Jim, Deanna and I met at Beth’s at 7pm for some pre-dinner cocktails.  Well, wine really.  Empty stomach + wine + good company = me having a really fun time. 

2011-01-22 002Above: Beth

2011-01-22 003Above: Deanna

2011-01-22 004Above: Beth and Jim.  Beth is the one on the left.

2011-01-22 005Above: Jim and Garret (me!)

2011-01-22 006

Above/Below: Some people

2011-01-22 007

It was off to dinner.  Jim drove Deanna’s roomy SUV while the rest of us were “happy” from wine consumption.  Here’s the Charlotte Restaurant Week menu for 131 Main that we chose from:

131 Main Menu

The placard-ish menu in the restaurant did not say “one to share” on the appetizer as it does above.  We each ordered one and then shared.  Beth wanted the Salmon.  We tried it and other than Beth, we didn’t love it.  The smoke flavor was too much for me.  What that meant is more for Beth.  The other 2 appetizers were awesome and we were surprised that they were FULL sized portions.  For $30, you’d think it would be a full portion of everything, however, being an upscale and pricey restaurant, I guess we assumed the portions would be less than usual.  We had way too much appetizer action going on.  That’s OK, we took it home.

Jim, Beth and I had the Prime Rib and Deanna had the Meatloaf.  There’s one in every crowd. Everyone loved their meal.  The Prime Rib was once again a large, normal portion and was high quality.

The desserts?  Brownie’s for everyone except Beth who had the Banana Crème Pie.  Yum to all.  Once again, HUGE portions.

131 Main was wonderful enough to include prices on their website so it was interesting to price out my $30 meal.  Ready?

  1. $ 8.00 least expensive wine on their menu
  2. $24.00 12oz Prime Rib
  3. $ 6.00 Double Dip appetizer
  4. $ 7.00 Brownie a la Mode

$45.00 for $30.00.  This place is some where that’s actually reasonably priced and doable without Restaurant Week.  We’d return.

The service was wonderful.  We had 3-4 people serving the table. 

Tomorrow night = Ruth’s Chris.  Nom, nom, nom.


  1. Sounds like you had a good time! That's pretty cool that the portions were normal sized, instead of those tiny little ones you see on tv. Can't wait to hear about the next place! Eat some for me. lol.

  2. Everything sounds wonderful!

    I can't wait to hear how Ruth Chris was! My brother used to work at a Ruth Chris in the Philly area.

    By the way, on Friday's 3 course menu, we do normal portions too.

  3. Hi Garret, Thanks for the update on Andrea. Cindy


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