1-31-11 Monday (Gassy Meats)

Monday.  What’d I do Monday?  I went grocery shopping at Walmart!  I know, a surprise, right?  I did save about $10 with coupons!  Ever since we got a great deal on the weekend paper, I’ve been clipping and saving coupons.  Oh, I’ve been using them too!  How many coupons have you clipped and thrown out because they were expired?  Me?  Too many.

Aside from grocery shopping, I roasted a chicken in the rotisserie oven.  I love it.  A great meal now and then chicken salad the following days.  I use Hellmann’s low fat mayo, red onion, salt, and it comes out great and low in points!  Jim likes adding grapes to his sandwich.

As the chicken spun around, a saw smoke (steam) coming out of it’s ass.  I giggled like 5 year old.  When Jim came home, he noticed it too.  We laughed, like two 5 year olds.  It was funny, in a sophomoric sorta way.

Aside from the exciting video (feel free to play it several times), I started Weight Watchers back up again!

I worked on the budget for the new house we want to build.   I created a spreadsheet, I’m anal like that, with all the upgrades and changes.  As we find out pricing or think of stuff,we add it to the list and can see a constant cost.

I had gotten a little worried about my new job.  There was such confusion over the schedules available and such.  When I haven’t gotten an official welcome to the company letter or email along with first day instructions, I was a little concerned.  I emailed the recruiter and shortly after received an email from someone else within the company welcoming me.

“Your schedule while you are training will be: 12:30pm-9:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11:30am-8:00pm

Your schedule after training will be: 9:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday”

Well, that’s reversed.  So I replied, “I love the schedule however is it possible you swapped the training schedule with the regular hours in error?” and then they replied, “The schedule below is correct”.  I certainly didn’t want to argue with this person, especially not knowing who they are.  I then received an email from my recruiter asking if the schedule was OK.  Odd.  I told her about the schedule “change” and she said that it was indeed swapped in error and that she’d let the person know who then in turn emailed me with an apology and then another email to everyone with the revision.  Who knows what happened but I feel better that I got my first day instructions, the list of ID’s to bring, etc., etc.   I wished I had gotten the “wrong” schedule but I knew it was a mistake.

Earlier in the day, I called my NACA home counselor, Alex, and left voicemail for him.  Several days beforehand, Jim emailed him.  We’ve not received a response which is odd.  Is he out sick?  On vacation?  No longer employed there?  Whatever the case you’d think we’d know.  Toward the end of the day, we received an email congratulating us on being NACA qualified.  It came from someone other than our counselor.  In fact, I think it came from a different department.  It goes on to say that we’ll get our qualification letter after attending another workshop.


imageOK, no big deal but how much are we approved for?  We reply back to the sender, Gloria, asking.  She refers us to our counselor.  Jim mentions he’s not replied and asks if he’s in.  No reply.  Now all this information is current as of the date I’m typing this up (Wednesday).  So no call or email from Alex and no response from the email sender, Gloria.  Alex’s email box states a return call within 24 hours.

Frankly, I’m annoyed.  I know, what else is new?  Do I have a fucking sign on my forehead that requests terrible service?  AND if so, how did they read the sign when I wasn’t there?  Are there cameras somewhere I don’t know.  Sorry for the extreme curse words.  I can probably count the number of times on one hand that I’ve cursed in this blog.

So I guess we’ll be waiting until Thursday night to know if we can build this house or not. 


  1. Guess smoking what?

    Smoking chicken butt!

    I'm iced in and getting a little stir crazy...

  2. I like using coupons but more and more the coupons require you to buy 3 or more of the item. I don't want 3 of some things.
    Hope your new schedule is for real.

  3. I never finished the schedule story in the blog! LOL. I must have gotten side tracked. I fixed the blog entry. No, I didn't get to keep that schedule. It was indeed swapped in error.

  4. The smoking chicken butt is funny!

    I used to be able to do the same thing in my younger years ;)



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