2-10-11 Thursday (Wet Laptops)

I woke up this morning… that’s always a good start… for me anyways… to a light dusting of snow.  It’s got that powered-sugar effect.  I did not nor do I plan to take a picture.  Use your imagination.  No, no, don’t add any fruit toppings though.

imageWhere do you do your thinking?  The toilet?  Church?  Work?  For me, it’s the shower or while brushing my teeth.  Perhaps it’s because aside from washing myself, there aren’t any distractions.  My mind just wanders and I come up with all sorts of stuff.  The only problem is that soon after I’ve stepped out of the shower, I forget!  It’s like I’ve entered another dimension.  I swear, I’ve probably solved the world’s most difficult problems a million times over.  I keep a pen and pad of paper in the bathroom drawer so when I think of stuff like “I need shaving cream”, I can write it down on a sticky note and take it to my main list on the fridge.  Even with paper and pen at hand, I still forget at times.  I realize that it’s the 3rd time I’ve thought I needed shaving cream and should write it down only to forget by the time I towel off.  My system isn’t flawless.  What I really need is a water proof laptop in the shower with me.  Where’d this come from?  The shower, of course.

Have you noticed that I turned off comment moderation?  Uhhh probably not since YOU don’t comment despite how easy it is.  No, not you, YOU.  If spam gets through, I’ll delete it. 

Yesterday I forgot to mention I ironed.  It was the last time (hopefully) I’ll be ironing for a long time.  Once I start work, shirts go to the cleaners for wash and press service just like we used to.  Our friend, Ed, suggested getting a Jiffy Steamer.  It turns out other friend Mark also suggested it.


I don’t think I’ll get one right now.  I still like the idea of the cleaners since they’ll wash the shirts too.  I never knew a steamer could work so well though.

Look how frickin’ easy it is though.  Any other steamer users out there?

In yesterday’s blog entry, one of my things to do list items was “paint fingernails”.  That was sort of the truth.  I have a bad nail biting habit.  I bite my nails mostly while watching TV.  I make them bleed.  I tear up the cuticles.  I’m addicted.  Today I went to Walgreens and bought:


I got the last bottle.  Hurray for small miracles.  Several months ago I had interviews with Verizon.  I was concerned that if I got the job, I’d be doing a lot of finger pointing to the phones with my disgusting looking nails.  I vowed that if I got the job, I’d need to stop that.  I didn’t get that job and I put that thought of quitting the habit out of my mind.  I’m not sure what exactly made me snap this time. 

I hate dependencies.  I gave up smoking just for that reason.  I don’t want to be the person who says, “I can’t do that unless I do this.”  What little habits/dependencies do you have?  I have another about fans.  I won’t go as far as to say, “I can’t sleep unless I have a fan blowing on me.”  Close, but not 100%.  Some people can’t sleep without a TV on.  Are you that person?

My Mom is full of “I can’t do this or that unless a certain condition applies.”  She has so many, it’s ridiculous.  I can’t sleep without this.  I can’t eat that without that.  Some of her conditional statements are her preference.  I think some of it is meant as “I don’t like this without that.”

The latest information on the retaining wall responsibility ---> Our sales Goddess, Michelle, emailed us: “My GM says that the City is responsible for the retaining wall, but they are trying to track down the right person to get it in writing.  He did suggest that we could do an amendment, like the one for taking down the tree, that would allow Jim & Garret an "out" if we could not get it in writing.” We’ll be careful.  Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions here, via Facebook and via direct email!

The car needs new tires.  Jim utilized our Consumer Reports subscription to research ratings.  He checked online with several places for the best price.  I called Tire Kingdom today at 1:15.  The guy took my name and number and said he’d call me back.  At 5:30 I called again.  The same guy (James) said he had been swamped all day and wouldn’t forget.  I called a different location and got the answers I needed.  As of 10:00pm, no call back yet from James.  Awful. 

I.AM.SO.TIRED.OF.POOR.CUSTOMER.SERVICE!  I should have created a post label for this kind of thing.


  1. I solve all my/ the world problems at night if I can't sleep. Of course, I am to lazy to write them down so the problems still remain.

  2. @Jodie: Perhaps you can invent a pillow with a built in microphone, sell millions, make millions, and buy the world, or at least people in NY, All-Clad cookware!

  3. Garret, thanks for the Jiffy Steamer plug. About your question.... I always turn on the TV and put it on 60 minutes... I'm probably asleep in 5 minutes. LOL!


  4. Great... now I have a mental image of u in the shower... thinking... lol :)
    Maybe you could get some of those wall crayons for kids and use those to write on your shower wall while you are in there. They come off easy with just a wipe. Then if you do forget, next time you get in the shower you will see the message written on the wall. (hopefully this link works)


  5. @Mark: LOL. I think sleeping with the TV on would probably be the number 1 answer.

    @Jennifer: What a funny idea! I can't say I'd do it but very innovative! Me in the shower? Here's me in the shower: http://jimandgarret.blogspot.com/2010/01/1-10-10-sunday-jims-job-eve.html

  6. I have been reading your blog since almost your beginning RV adventures. I love to read what you have to say, most of the time you make me laugh, which most times I need.
    Ok, nail biting. From one nasty nail biter to another... I hope this product you bought works. I have tried so many and my Mom used to soak my finer tips in hot pepper juice when i was a kid; socks over my hands at bed time, and more.
    I have been a reformed nail biter since I had to have mouth surgery to repair receeding gums resulting in tooth root exposer. Also due to nail biting I have wore the enamel off my two front teeth, so they are capped.I do belive that nail biting has contributed to my locked jaw/TMJ issue. Please try real hard to quit your habit!
    Faithful reader/lurker...dianaW

  7. Thanks Diana. So far, so good. I never knew such things could happen from biting nails! Holy cow! I haven't tasted the bitter stuff yet but just having the polish on my nails keeps me on my toes I think. Thanks for chiming in!


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