2-27-11 Sunday (Timing Alcoholism)

Sometime last week, we planned brunch with Ruby and Beth.  We picked 300 East.  We had reservations for today.  Earlier in the week, a coincidence.  Groupon had certificates for 300 East!  Jim bought a few.  We spend $25 for a $50 certificate.  Beth brought her sister and niece.  The 6 of us arrived and were seated immediately.  The place is an old house that had been converted to a restaurant.  Nice place.  Some of the gang has been there previously and has enjoyed the food.  Except this time.  The service wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst either.  The worst was the food.  Beth’s sister and I had French Toast.  I could have made it at home and it would have came out better.  Beth and Ruby both had the Eggs Benedict and the English Muffins were raw (untoasted) and soggy.  The flavors of the Hollandaise and ham also were “off”.  The server never, ever, came to the table until we were finished.   Beth had to tell her that she didn’t care for it.  She removed it from the bill after asking if she could get her something else.  Too bad she didn’t come by at the start of the meal then perhaps she could have gotten something else.  Ruby just “lived” with what she had.  Jim had crab cakes eggs benedict and said his first crab cake was OK and the second seemed to lack crab.  Oh well. 

Through no fault of the restaurant, we were all immensely disappointed when we ordered Mimosas that by law they weren’t allowed to serve alcohol until 12.  We were there at 11. 


We all decided that we’re cursed as a dining group.  Poor food or service (other than the high end restaurants during Restaurant Week) have been the norm for us.  Beth has volunteered to host brunch at her place the next time.

Everyone split up after lunch.  The girls went shopping while Jim and I returned to the mall to exchange a pair of pants.  We then revisited the RV show to finish up where we had left off.  Here’s a few photos of that 5th wheel with the slide out patio thingy:

2011-02-27 0012011-02-27 0022011-02-27 003

Their websites floorplans are here.  I must say, the patio looks like a pain in the ass to breakdown and set up.

The rest of the day was about relaxing and grocery shopping.


  1. Me no likey bad food or bad service. Guess I can't hang out wif you no mo.

  2. The more I think about it... I think that having a meal with you in a restaurant might be a really bad idea. I'm starting to think you're totally cursed.

    Indiana has dumb alcohol laws, too.

  3. Boo to both of you. LOL. Who cares if the service is bad, just being in my presence should be enough.

  4. That sucks that you had a bad meal there; 300 East is one of my favorite restaurants. You should try them for dinner; their brunch isn't as good.

    Have you tried Pewter Rose's brunch?

  5. Ruby talked about Pewter Rose while we were at brunch. She said she likes it there. We recognized the name because we've seen it on restaurant.com.

    Are you utilizing restaurant.com????


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