3-11-09 Wednesday (Proper Hand Washing)

This morning I woke up at 8. I just couldn't sleep anymore. I tried... believe me. After being away a month, I was a little worried about stupid things. Like would I forget how to operate in tight spaces. Maybe forget there's a foot pedal for the toilet? Nah, it all came back to me easily.

While I was gone, Jim's brother and wife were in town. A friend of theirs who lives here, Glenne, is in flight school to advance her pilot's license. She can bring 2 passengers along during lessons. Jim has been on one of these flights. He had it all scheduled for us to fly with her at 2pm today but with the cloudiness, we canceled. We're going to try again for Sunday. Here's some photos of Jim's flight on March 4th.

I called Alltel and found that the closest location is 2 hours away. I can buy a new phone for $170 or $75 if I "cheat" according to the woman. I was angry about the hassle and cost. I decided that I'll wait until we get closer to an Alltel location. BUT then later I managed to get some life out my cell phone. The screen isn't working but I was able to make and receive calls during a test run. Progress. Perhaps I'll eventually get 100% out of it.

A couple of trips to the grocery store and Wal-Mart for some supplies completed the shopping list.

We walked Dasher a few blocks away to another RV park where the gang had moved to last week. We stopped by Scott's RV for Jim to introduce us. His 2 female Italian Greyhounds, Meg & Molly are so cute and much smaller than Dasher. We invited Scott back for dinner tonight.

Later Scott showed up for Jim's chili, corn bread and a batch of my brownies. And even later, perhaps he fell ill from Jim's chili?

OK, every time I touch my phone, I wash my hands. It fell into "clean" toilet water. I rinsed it with alcohol. Am I obsessing?


  1. The fact that your cell phone was not immediately DOA after the potty float is a miracle. I think you've done enough to revive it. Now just enjoy God giving you a break. As you know, my 60-gig video iPod fell in the toilet for a nanosecond and dissolved on contact. Some guys get all the luck {wink}.

    So happy you're back.

  2. I don't blame you one bit for washing your hands a lot or for "sterilizing" your phone. clean toilet or not.


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