3-10-09 Tuesday (Non-submersible Things)

It's actually strange to be sitting in our RV and typing an entry. Later in the week, I'll get more in depth about some aspects of my Florida visit. In the meantime, I will tell you about Tuesday.

I started the day off with packing as much as possible. Off to a 10am doctor's appointment with my Mom for a 2nd opinion on her abdominal concerns. I'll get into more information later. After her appointment, I was treated to lunch by Jim's Grandmother and Harold at one of my favorite restaurants, Rib City. Next was me finishing up on steam cleaning my parent's carpets. I had a room and a half to finish up from a week ago.

The remainder of the day, I spent with family until it was time to head to the airport. My mom's cousin Barbara, my second cousin, and I both had flights at about 7pm. Different airlines, different destinations, but nonetheless, we were at the same concourse. My Dad chauffeured us.

I flew to Dallas/Ft Worth and had an hour and a half layover. I ate dinner at a Fridays, texted a lot of people to pass the time and then headed for the restroom. I really hate doing number 2 business in public places, but I must say the restroom was clean. There's a point.... really. The toilet bowl had a cigarette and toilet paper floating in it. I flushed. Wait for it. Behind the toilet was a large tiled shelf. Perfect for me to put my laptop bag on. As I stretched for the shelf, I heard a splash. There, in the toilet water, the bottom no less, laid my beloved cell phone. I grabbed it from the watery grave, witnessed the screen doing strange things, removed the battery and put into my laptop bag. (I later rinsed it with rubbing alcohol for fear of cooties).

The next leg of the trip went smoothly. Jim was waiting for me at the arrival gate of the San Diego airport. I was happy to see him, and he the same of me. A short drive home, I unpacked and went to sleep. I arrived at 11:30pm, but with the time changes it was 2:30am to my body.


  1. Before I even read your entry, you must know that I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!

  2. And now that I've read...

    Jeff's parents lived in Cape Coral for a few years so I'm actually familiar with Rib City. Good stuff!

    Sorry about the cell phone. That really, really sucks. A lot.

    And have I mentioned that I missed you??

  3. Thanks Liz. I've missed blogging. I've kept up a little here and there with other blogs but I'm probably behind.

  4. Garret,
    Great to have you back in San Diego, can not wait to finally meet you.

    Ken of San Diego

  5. Funny that you should bring up drowned cell phones...I had left mine in my pants pocket and it went through the washing machine...I was online to order a new phone and thought I'd check out your blog first....at least my phone was clean!...

  6. Finally, finally, finally you're back. Oh Garret, I missed you so much. Welcome back, welcome home, welcome back to normalcy. Never leave us like that again. You hear?

    PS: I am not allowed around water with electronics anymore.

  7. Yucky cell phone story... but it did make me giggle. :)


  8. I want to add my iPod(s) to the list of items that should not get wet. I just got my 3rd iPod. iPods 1 & 2 both took dives into the tub. After the second one I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was going to order my new iPod Nano from Apple so I could have Not Submersible ingraved on the bad. Decided I couldn't wait so I just named it that in my itunes. So far I haven't dropped my Blackberry in water, so maybe I've learned a bit. Also, I'm so glad you're back to writing blogs Garret. It was great seeing you but I've missed your adventures. Love you both, Miss you both


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