5-7-09 Thursday (Who’s Burger?)

I am truly the weak when it comes to food. Later in the day we have a pool party to attend, but for now, we needed to eat lunch before we go.  I started pulling out some bowls and a few salad ingredients.  I haven’t baked up some chicken lately so it would have to be a meatless salad.  As I begin preparation, I tell Jim that there’s no chicken but would he like a salad too?  Jim says, “Oh, actually, I was thinking about having lunch at Whataburger today.”  Quickly, as if the healthy foods may revolt and jump down my throat, I put it all away in the fridge and reply, “OK”.  Of we went…… so weak.

For those of you who have never been to one or never even heard of it, Whataburger is a fast foodish type place. 

center_piece I’m not done yet.  We arrive, I stare at the menu.  I really should order a single burger but the double looks good. Actually I shouldn’t really be here.  Since I’m here though that double looks good.  I don’t want to sound fat so I decide to see what Jim will order and then make my quick decision.  He asks if the peach pie is fried or baked.  It’s fried!  Oh my, it’s heaven all around.  He orders.  Double burger, add cheese, onion rings instead of fries and a peach pie.  Me?  Duplicate that please.

When I ordered my burger, I added this, and held that but didn’t realize it had mustard.  I was bummed but thought, since I don’t dislike mustard, it will be OK.  I decided not to add ketchup.  It was divine.  I wondered if maybe I needed to order burgers with mustard only for now on?  Perhaps I really enjoyed the fat, perhaps the spices, perhaps the meat, but them were some good burgers!  Mmmmmmm.  The onion rings?  Yum.  The peach pie….not so much. 

OK, I didn’t realize I’d blog so much about a burger.  I’m a sad piece of work…..

So we went to a pool party at Gregg’s.  A new face at the pool party was James.  We all had a great time, and the steaks on the grill were awesome.

2009-05-07 AZ 02

Above: Tim with whom we had dinner with last night.

2009-05-07 AZ 06

Above: The ramada (gazebo) at Gregg’s.

2009-05-07 AZ 10

Above: Levi

2009-05-07 AZ 17

Above: Gregg & James


  1. He is and he's gay. However, if you fly Continental airlines, he might just be your flight attendant.

    You pig.

    I knew I liked you.

  2. OMG I love Whataburger!!!! My most favorite place in the world to eat is John's Resturaunt in Fort Meade...It was once a Whataburger and the building hasn't changed much since then....the 70's is when it changed. MMMMMM Thanks for the memory =)

  3. I've been meaning to ask you, how's your Mom doing? Don't forget to call her on Sunday! Jim too for his Mom!

  4. Of course he's gay but I thought Levi was cute. He reminds me of someone. But I don't know who. Not that Levi's not hot, but I'm not really into 'hot' I guess, I go for quirky/smart looking. (And John, but I do think he's hot.) Maybe I should define 'hot'
    And what is the basis for spelling it "boi" ? Is that something colloquially gayish?
    Also I'm wondering if there are any straight male flight attendants?

    WHAM yerself.

  5. If y'all have never stumbled onto a Cheeseburger Cheeseburger, keep an eye out for 'em.

    To quote their menu "There are no hamburgers on our menu. However our cooks have been known to fix a cheesburger without cheese, if that's what you really want. No cheese, no extra charge" :)

    They have some healthy stuff too, but really, if you can go in there, smell those burgers and still order a salad, you are the God of Self Control.

    They have four different levels of burgers, I have yet to see anyone eat the pounder. Yes. The Pounder. It's 20 oz of meat. I get stuck on the 7 oz burger. :P

    And just the BEST milkshakes ever, in flavors you won't see elsewhere.

    Great...now I want a burger. Thanks a lot!

    Here's their menu - and looks like they have some places in AZ too. -insert evil grin here-

    If you go, go when you are really hungry!

  6. Amazing Jakes looks like the Minneapolis Airport... and I laughed out loud, well, I chuckled out loud at the creepy mural. And something else was funny too. Oh the cat butt. Mine had to be rinsed the other day, I used Bath & Body island cotton antibacterial foam hand soap. Not a good combo, scent wise, island cotton + cattbutt. She was highly annoyed with me, and days later, I noticed she had been giving me the silent treatment for days. I only noticed that when she finally started talking to me again though. I guess I'm not too observant. So yeah, in other news, I think I'll just start blogging right here in your comment box, all about the yummy fish tacos I had for dinner tonight.

  7. Walk On: We've passed that Cheeburger Cheeburger place. I guess we'll have to try it. Thanks for the link. It's like only blocks away from us! AND you can order online... not sure how that works just yet.

  8. @Joanie: Mom has to go for a test next month. They suspect she has stomach cancer and she's still fighting the c-diff with meds.

    @Lauren: Wham! Cat butt and fish tacos. Ugh. Yeah, boi is a gay thing.


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