5-12-11 Thursday & 5-13-11 Friday

Ahhh it’s Friday! … which means absolutely nothing to me. 

Here’s some updates about Thursday first:

Thursday Jim called in sick.  I went into work early for my eye exam.  In case you forgot, my building has a full eye care center on the premises. 


The exam went well but the woman who took my contact lens order told me that I shouldn’t use Walmart or BJs contact solutions because they aren’t regulated the same way (by the government) as the name brands and that they use expired and watered down ReNu mixtures.  I really should have complained.  Maybe it’s not the same quality but I think it’s farfetched and most likely an unsubstantiated statement.  At best it made me untrusting.  *I got a little fired up as I blogged about this and went to their website and left a comment.

Jim spent a lot of today working on our Asheville trip.  The first week in June we’re taking the MoHo to Asheville for all sorts of activities.  Zip lining, rafting, etc.  Jim bought a lot of Groupons and what not.

The AT&T Microcell finally made it’s connection but as Jim made phone calls, no one could hear him.  Apparently our internet connection is too slow for Microcell.  Argh!  When we first moved here we got the slowest internet connection with Time Warner’s package deal. 

On Friday, I did some internet test speeds and then called Time Warner to upgrade to the next level for $10 more a month.  This new cell phone is getting expensive.  I know.  Time Warner said it would be instant but it wasn’t.  I reset the modem, then retested and found the speed had doubled.  I noticed the real difference using youtube.  Yay, faster internet is always nicer.  As for the Microcell, it’s an absolute pain in the ass to get it to connect so I don’t know the outcome quite yet.  Hopefully when I get it to do it’s thing, it will stay connected.

After work, Jim went clothes shopping at Goodwill and a few other discount stores.  We both need shorts for our trip.  They seemed to have shrunk.

Shrunken things… Damn I just can’t get back into Weight Watchers.  I rarely track points and most of the time I don’t care.  I just want to live life and eat.  I hate the way I look and I certainly don’t want to get any bigger.  I think we’re in a size 38!   Holy crap!  A coworker, Jasmine, is interested in Weight Watchers and although I’m certainly not the model spokesperson for it, I know it can work.  Perhaps she can be my buddy so to speak.  My downfall at work is that I go to the cafeteria with my coworkers and then decide to ditch my food in lieu of more favorable foods.  They order Chinese sometimes too and I totally cave and order too.  I said that perhaps I need to not go to the cafeteria with them.  Jim says maybe I could go but instead lock my wallet in my desk.

A few weeks ago I mentioned we bought Kudzu jelly.  I forgot to mentioned we tried it on some biscuits and it’s pretty damn good.  It’s sweet and has a unique flavor.  Jim says he’s not sure it even has flavor other than sweet.  He said he probably wouldn’t buy it again.  I thought it was yummy but I don’t do that whole biscuit and jelly thing like he does.

Tomorrow as I go to work, Jim plans to change the oil on the MoHo and generator.  He’s going to get the batteries up and running and check out a water leak he spotted the other day.


  1. Leave your money locked in the glove box. Or even leave it home. Do they offer healthy options in the cafeteria?

  2. You're not alone, Garret. I am just not feeling the love with the "new" Weight Watchers. I follow it, but not with the zombie zeal of the old plan. The Points formula was so much easier to calculate and sorry, but I just don't trust a formula that doesn't include calories. Plus, the more points illusion pisses me off. Sure, you get more daily/flex points, but all the food values are higher. I use the Recipe Builder a LOT and am so disappointed that fruits and veggies (which are normally free foods) add up in the recipe calcs. Dumb. And of course the PointsPlus values of wine goes up exponentially per glass. Hey! No fair! The unhealthier WW worked just fine for me. Unfortunately, I can't use my WW iPhone app with the old plan, so I'm stuck with the new. Wah. The good news though, is that I'm making a lot of delicious salads and fresh foods. I stopped counting how many red bell peppers I roast in a week, but it's totally worth it. May I recommend some awesome healthy cookbooks for you to try? My new favorite is Raising The Salad Bar by Catherine Walthers. Yum!


  3. @Liz: I'd have to leave my whole wallet cause then I'd just use a credit card. :-)

    @Alix: Thanks for the link. I'm gonna recommit to this plan soon! I gotta!


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