11-11-10 Thursday (Spare Some Change?)

I struggled with what I should do today.  Oh sure I did the usually job hunting but today was particularly bad; I felt like there was nothin’ for me.   I had decided to go to Walmart and Target.  Yes my friends, both in one day.  But then I Facebooked my intentions.


Glenn reminded me of Target’s recent anti-gay political contributions (Google it if you aren’t aware) and so I was reduced to just shopping at Walmart.  It’s OK.  Maybe I’ll just walk up each aisle twice?


imageNow this is a funny story.  Before shopping I decided I wanted Long John Silver’s for lunch.  It’s been a while since I had eaten there.   I go online and find some coupons to print.  I print them.  Obviously.  I check my wallet and have $12.  I grab a handful of quarters since I’m low on cash.  I walk up, present my coupon and order and meal that includes 3 chicken planimageks, fries, slaw and 2 hush puppies.  I’m asked about a drink.  Wanting to keep it on the cheap AND I’m not a big soda drinker I say “no”.  My total is $4 and some change.  I present $2 in one’s.  $2.25 in quarters.  The cashier, an older black woman was one of those people who could be scrubbing a toilet but is acting as if what she’s doing is the best thing in the world.  She is happy to be alive.  Maybe she’s big into Christ?  Whatever her deal is, I love people like that.  They bring me happiness.  She hands me my change and imagea cup.  I ask if that’s for water.  She says very nicely, “use it for whatever you’d like.”  I thought about sweet tea but I got water.  Why ruin a nice gesture?  She walks away from the register and personally dishes out the food.  She gave me the largest looking platter I’ve ever seen.  On it was the slaw and fries but 4 chicken planks and 5 hushpuppies.  This lady is the bomb.  I sit down to eat.  As I scoff down my food I think that perhaps she thought I was dirt poor?  A coupon, no drink, and a handful of quarters?   She walked by my table several times as she cleaned up here and there.  I avoided eye contact.  I felt strange.   Eventually after eating, I went back to the counter to thank her on my way out.  Nothing specific, just a make-eye-contact-thank-you sorta thing.

Did I appear broke?  Did she have left over food she was trying to get rid of?  Was she hoping I’d ask her out? 

With an extra full belly I proceeded to Walmart where I bought Clea some catnip.  Clea loves catnip.  I love watching her love catnip:

Clea enjoys catnip while Dasher gets in her way.


Clea by herself.

Fun stuff. 

I’m so excited for some Florida friends of ours.  Laurie and Pearl with their children Jordan and Kathryn just got on a cruise ship today!  4 nights on the Carnival Destiny.  No not the ship that got stuck at sea without power for days.


Jim and I have been on 5 cruises and have loved them!  I’m jealous of them.  Yeah, me who traveled the country to 25 states in a year is jealous.  Maybe that makes me greedy then?

imageAbove: Pearl & Laurie on their ship.

During the week Jim enjoyed eating the left over fruit salad Deanna brought this past Sunday.  He asked me to create a fruit salad for him.  I’ve never cut up a cantaloupe.  Don’t make fun of me.  Remember, I had trouble hard boiling eggs.  I Googled for the solution and watched a youtube video (shown below).  I followed the directions and was pleasantly surprised about how easy it is!  Go me!

How to cut a cantaloupe.


1111101717aAbove: My Viking Boats.  Smile


  1. What a great idea, to put catnip in a sock! I'm going to do that for my brood!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the sock thing. I forgot to mention it. I've always done that because the cats can carry it around easier than a ball. It also doesn't get lost under the stove or fridge.

    I always keep worn or mismatched socks for just such an occasion.

  3. Amy Longbine FrancisNovember 12, 2010 at 10:15 AM

    Ok, so many comments...too little space.

    Cantaloupe cutting...my son watches Food Network like it's his porn and he says that they always suggest PEELING the cantaloupe first. I dunno. I don't do that. I usually buy it already cut up at Publix. My daughter eats cantaloupe at least once a week and we were at a farmers market when she was about 6 and she wrinkled her nose and said, "What's THAT?" when she saw a whole melon. Sad but true.

    The Long John Silvers lady...it's the south. Freaks me out, too. People are just nicer here. Seriously, it disarms me every time. My parents live half their year here and half in Naples (yes, I know it's farther south but it's not THE south). Mom always calls me about 2 weeks into their Naples time complaining about how unfriendly people are there. We went to Chick Fil A here in Lex last week and were treated better than some high end restaurants! Refilled our tea...brought us extra sauce when my daughter ran low...the lady even realized I had ordered "extra pickles" on my sandwich and she didn't think they put enough so she brought me a side cup of pickles. Just nice. We tell our kids that THIS is the meaning of doing EVERYTHING to the Glory of God and with cheerful obedience. Scrub a toilet? Do it to the glory. Really? Yes. He gave me capable arms, a lovely house with 3 toilets, a family to clean up after, running plumbing, etc. If you're gonna work at Long Johns, do it to the glory. My hubby calls it, "Be a tree where you're planted." Wherever situation you find yourself in, grow. (Did you like my mom-pep talk thrown in there? I know!) Or...maybe she just thought you were homeless. But even still...at least she was nice and if you WERE homeless, think how good you would have felt about being treated with such kindness and respect. I write notes to all the store managers now when someone is nice beyond my expectations. I figure they deserve a pat on the back.

    Third, we are going on a Disney cruise next week and the kids are ALMOST as excited as us!! I've been on cruises but never w/the kids. I think it will be fun. Even if there are potential pedophiles dressed as characters running around. Whatev.

    Also...trying to plan a fam trip to Great Wolf in Concord. My kids LOVE it there. They're running some holiday specials. If we make it up, I'll give y'all a holler. They have day passes for guests so you could even get your water park on. It's actually a lot of fun. Except for the moms getting wedgies and losing their tops on the slides. (ew.)

    Happy job hunting. :) BE A TREE!

  4. Thanks Amy! I replied to her via Facebook which is where the comment originated from. With her permission, I cut and pasted it over. Such a long comment and a waste not to share it with others! Bloggers love long comments! Hell, we love comments in general.

  5. Where was Dasher's special treat? You have to bring them both something home from the store. You could have at least saved one of your extra hushpuppies for her.....Your Viking Boats look great.

  6. What goes around comes around... Wasn't it just a couple days ago you commented on one of my facebook photos that I looked homeless? Now THAT'S funny. Know what else? Even though you try to act all mean and insulting and stuff, methinks you have a little Christ in you too. Sorry. You're just a super great homeless guy, in sarcastic clothing, Garret. Like it or not. Ha!

  7. Aw, I think she was just a nice lady who apperciated a nice customer.

    I think it's funny you boycott Target but not Walmart.

    I've loved finding cooking videos on YouTube- they can be very helpful. I'm usually very rushed to get the melon cut up and given to the children clamoring at my knees so I just gut it and then dig at it with a spoon in a fake melon baller attempt.

    Looks like Dasher like catnip, too! Ha!


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