1-26-11 Wednesday (Famous Lies)

So, my delightfully fit, trim and brutally honest friend, Jodi, poses an important question to me via Facebook:


First I’d like to go ahead and get this out of my system.  BITCH.

Second of all, ain’t it the truth though.  I’ve not weighed myself, mostly out of fear, so I’m not really sure. 

On Friday’s blog entry, I said, “I just stated, “We love food.”  I do.  When I decided to tackle Weight Watchers again, I thought about Restaurant Week and then even into the future for the Valentine’s Day Chocolate buffet (we went to last year) and decided not to let these things control my life, my goals.  I’ll use my weekly points where I need to and I’ll eat smaller portions and maybe just a bite of this or that and finally, maybe I’ll make smart choices like chicken instead of beef/pork.  There’s a lot I can do.

Lies.  They’re all lies I tell ya.   Some where along the way, Jim reminded me that for the price, eat what I want.  I mean, why go to a famous STEAKHOUSE and have chicken?  Big deal if I have an extra 2 pounds or something to lose.  I’m a loser, or uh, a winner, I can do it.

imageimageI’m famous!  Sort of.  I was mentioned several times in episode 4 of The 2AM Podcast.  The 2AM Podcast is a talk show which is partly hosted by Liz’s (of Eternal Lizdom) husband, Jeff.  The premise per their website: “3 guys talking about whatever…”  During last week’s (episode 3) 2AM Podcast, Liz “guest starred” and they talked about the Winchester House.  They couldn’t recall the name of the house and their details were sketchy.  Since Jim and I visited the Winchester House in April of 2009, I left comments telling them the missing information as well as a backlink to my blog entry.  This week, they brought up their new found information and mentioned me several times.  It was pretty cool, really.  Thanks guys!


  1. Yeah... you're famous... can I have your autograph?! lol That's really cool.

  2. It was a joke......dont be so sensitive! Oh and who are you calling brutally honest??? Thats kind of the pot calling the kettle black isnt it??

  3. Oh sure, don't dispute the delightfully fit part. Is that fat on your thigh?

  4. my, my, we are a bit sensitive about the weight aren't we?
    That's we don't eat out much. I wouldn't spend good money to eat chicken either! :-)
    But eating home doesn't seem to be helping much either. :-)


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