1-20-11 Thursday (Logo Lingo isms)

I try to be careful about mentioning where I actually work.  With modern technology, I’m sure it’s easy for companies to search the internet for any mention of them.  Not that this post is trying to hide anything but I’d prefer to keep work separate from home. I’ll tell you about the job situations and positions by displaying their logo.

I had 2 in-person interviews with Wells  last week.  Both for inbound call center positions.  The image position had better hours overall.  I’d be off a weekday and Saturdays.  Lower pay but with monthly incentives.  A 50/50 mix of customer service and sales.  As a customer you’d call in upset about an overdraft fee.  I’d be the one to reverse the charge and sell you overdraft protection.  The biggest drawback is “upset customers”.  I’ve dealt angry customers for most of my career. 

The 2nd was for an image position.  The hours are 12-9 (after training), Sunday’s off plus a weekday, 100% sales but to a customer who is interested in the product.   Good points: having Sunday off is good to recover from late Saturday night fun.  Taking Tuesday’s as my day off would be great so that if I take Monday off, I’d get a 3 day weekend.  This position is higher in pay and offered quarterly incentives.

Yesterday I mentioned I had an interview with Logo 2 for the image position.   As I said yesterday, this has been in the making since July.  This position is all about service for inquiries, service orders, trouble calls, billing, etc.  The interview went well.  The pay was “OK” but no incentives.  They’re hiring 22 people.  The hours would be for what seemed like 1st shift.  I’m not even sure if weekends were part of it.  The good news is they’d be making offers by Monday.

On Monday I had an interview with Logo 3 to be a service advisor.  Been there, done that.  I really want out of automotive.  The interview seemed OK, the place seemed a bit dated.  Deep down I really don’t want this job but I’d take it if need be.

SO, I accepted the image.  It’s the only job I was offered but I think it works out because it seems to have far more pros than cons.  Like I said, the hours are the con but with seniority or being a top producer, that can be changed.  I thought about stalling my acceptance a little to see if the Logo 2 position would come through on Monday.  I think I can go further with the banker thing, and the money is better.  As for the image position, I didn’t get turned down as of this posting but there’s no telling how long until decisions and offers would be made. 

I’m excited.  I’m a bit nervous too.  I’m nervous about the training.  6 weeks.  I have a hard time with classes.  Be it a form of ADD or something, I sometimes just zone out.  It happened in Real Estate school years ago. I just start thinking about dumb things.  I’m going to make sure my lunch doesn’t make me tired and crash which is easy with Weight Watchers.  Any suggestions on how to minimize or beat this?

*** 2 updates: 1: At about noon I received a job offer email for that image position but turned it down.  2: I received an email from my recruiter saying the schedule options changed.  Tuesdays for a day off are not available and the Saturday shift is later originally agreed on.  I’m not particularly happy but I’ll deal.  With hopes of changing the schedule down the road, I contacted the guy who interviewed me.  Afterall, he did personally write his work email down and told me to contact him if I had questions.  He replied: “After your first quarter on the floor selling, you can start bidding for schedule changes on a monthly basis. I have three employees that got first shift schedules after their first quarter on the floor, but they were top producers. I don’t know what the future holds and what the business needs of the company will be, I just know that you can bid for changes monthly and they will look at performance and seniority.”

All in all, I’m damn excited about the job!

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  1. All in all it sounds good for you. I am sure you will excel and be able to get better hours without having to wait to long. I wish you much good luck.

  2. Congratulations! I wish you all the best!

  3. Congrats Garret, I'm happy for you!!!

  4. Yahoo!!! Congrats! And there will still be time to blog!


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