4-3-09 Friday (Give It Another Shot)

If you'll remember, when we arrived to the campground last night, it was dark. We heard the water but couldn't see it. This morning we awoke to an awesome view of the ocean from our front window. Look below.

Of course, while walking the dog it was time to take a closer look. Look below.

Jim looks happy. See below.

2009-04-03 CA 05 
After our departure, we cruised along the same route as last night. We had to backtrack about an hour's worth. It was so worth it. Location, location, location. I enjoyed looking at the same sights all over again. We stopped at a Walmart. We ate lunch at a Jack In The Box. It's a damn good thing we don't go to this place often. They have awesome stuff and quite a variety. I had a chicken sandwich. I won't tell you if it was grilled or fried. Moving right along, we then went into the Walmart and did our weekly grocery shopping. I love having our house in the parking lot. Very convenient.

Another 3-4 hours later, we're now in Oakhurst to see Yosemite. We're at the same campground as 2-12-09. Once again, if you'll dig into your memory, this is the place we were at when I got the "come home" request. The next day it snowed hard, but a few hours later we were able to get out of here and drive 8 plus hours to San Diego. Click here if you don't remember.

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  1. The best part about this post is NOT the ocean (although the ocean is a very close second). The absolute best part of this post is hearing your cute voice!

    Thanks for speaking. Dreamy.

    PS: No new Thesaurus for me Garret, I was an English major. I know big words. {wink}


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