4-12-09 Sunday (Wet Clothes)

Sometime this morning, my cousin Carissa texted me “Happy Easter”. If it wasn’t for her, we would have forgotten about it. We didn’t even have a special menu planned for dinner. That’s OK, when it’s just the 2 of us, holidays aren’t a big deal.

We had another great day of Death Valley sightseeing. Spectacular! What a beautiful country we have. Before exploring overseas, try seeing our own country. You’d be amazed. We’ve been impressed with Death Valley and believe it or not, it ranks very high on our favorite places list.

Within Death Valley, we visited "Scotty's Castle". We took a tour, it was interesting, the end. It has a fascinating history. It was a castle, nor Scotty's. Discuss.

Above: Cool stove. I took tons of photos but am a little burnt out on slideshows right now.

After the "castle" it was onto seeing a giant crater. Ubehebe Crater to exact.

A walk into Mosaic Canyon turned out to be real pretty. The canyon walls were lined with multi-colored rocks that appeared to be in concrete. It's all natural though. See the photos below. Also there were giant chunks of polished marble all over. Real nice!

The unfortunate thing is we didn’t plan enough time here to see everything Death Valley had to offer. We didn’t know it would be so grand of a place. Oh well. We saw the main attractions… we hope.

I washed some clothes this morning. I didn’t want to dry them while we were gone because of that noise. This evening, when I turned the dryer on it made the noise but then it got real loud. I turned off the unit, restarted it and the noise went away. When I checked the clothes later, I discovered that while the noise went away, the heat did too. Damn! They managed to get ¾ dry before it died.


  1. Some day(when I grow up), I too, hope to do the leisure traveling and enjoy this great country like you guys are doing. Death Valley looks awesome.

  2. My dryer kicked 2 weeks ago. I'm going to try to fix it myself. I'm pretty sure I need a belt because the drum isn't turning but the dryer hums (and I don't like the tune)

    Great pictures!


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