4-5-09 Sunday (REDRUM)

My morning started off hot and early. I got out of bed at 7:30 which is way too early for me. The heater is up to it's tricks, as usual. We had put an extra blanket on the bed to keep warm. Yesterday morning I was freezing. This morning I was too hot. Angrily I stormed out of the bedroom and saw the thermometer reading at 75 degrees! I'm not sure what the damn heat was set to. I may have slept through it if I hadn't also heard the ass clowns next door making noise. It sounded like they were leaving! When I got out of bed, only their truck was missing, not their trailer. Once they returned from breakfast, their daughters were back to talking loud and slamming doors. "Quiet time" in the park is up till 7am so I guess I can't really complain. Well, actually I can, it's my blog and I like to complain. So there.

I'm pleased to announce that at 10am I am officially showered and dressed. Jim? Not so much. I'm working on laundry in the meantime. He wasn't feeling well yesterday. I don't know what that has to do with today either.

We're going to Yosemite late this afternoon. We'll have a better chance of seeing animals at sunset when most become active. I hope to see that rainbow in the waterfall again. That was at about 4pm yesterday when I saw it. I'd like to get a few more photos. Perhaps they'll come out better.

We had looked at going to the Ahwahnee hotel/restaurant in Yosemite for Sunday brunch. Last night, Jim called to make reservations. Luckily he asked the price. $50 each. We canceled. Like who would pay $50 each for a meal? $260 for 2 maybe, but not $50 each. The nerve. Anyway, maybe we'll go visit. The 1980 version of
The Shining based it's interior shots on that of the Ahwahnee Hotel interior. Maybe we'll stop by the hotel and get a few lobby shots. It's not important though.

Jim is back in bed again. He's not feeling well. He's got a tummy ache. I apologized, "Sorry, the bottle said it was suppose to be painless."

There's a creek behind the RV. We can see it from the front windows and the dinette. It's a much prettier spot than we had on February's visit. I took Dasher for a walk to where some mini falls of sort crashes onto rocks and into this creek. It's a pretty view. The sites closest to that area don't have full hookups. Dasher enjoyed the creek-side walk and of course in the shallow waters, managed to find a bone. Not knowing what kind of bone it was, I wrestled it from him and threw it into the creek from whence it came. Dasher doesn't like water so he didn't dive in after it. He just went looking for another one from the Magical Creek of Bone Splendor.

We've enjoyed California a lot. I guess being jam packed with major popular cities makes it more fun. During one of the Hollywood tours we went on, the guide said that area was popular for movie making because of the different climates and terrains. Where else can you have ocean, dessert sands, snow capped mountains, etc? I am looking forward to Arizona as well as Texas.

We're back from our late afternoon Yosemite visit. We saw a coyote fairly close up (too dark for a photo) and tons of deer. Alas, still no bears. I also missed rainbow time at the falls.

We got to the
Ahwahnee Hotel. It really wasn't anything spectacular. I think I expected more since it seems to be popular. The "backyard" was really pretty so we decided to have an appetizer and a drink as the sunset. We had "crab & artichoke dip with garlic crostini" for $15. Not too bad. We ordered 2 amaretto sours but didn't know the price of them. They were .25 more than Spago. $10.25 each! A $40 pitstop. Ick. Next time we'll have soda or we'll inquire as to the beverage prices.

Above: Awesome view to look at while snacking.

Above: Our appetizer (snack).

It was too dark for the deer to photograph well so here's a video below.


  1. I feel like just following your around the country! All these stories and photos are so great!

  2. "Like who would pay $50 each for a meal? $260 for 2 maybe, but not $50 each. The nerve."

    I'm slipping Garret... I totally get your logic.

    What did you do to Jim? Wait, it's probably better if I don't know. Hope he's up, around and feeling better today.

    Dasher is so beautiful and sleek and he seems to roll very well with the constant changes of scenery. Does he ever have a problem being a road dog?

    When you get to Texas, there are some cool places in the Dallas/Ft Worth area I can point you to, if you're interested.

  3. I absolutely love the photos!!!! Sounds like you are still having a great time..havent been on in a while and missed it! Sonia


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