4-7-09 Tuesday (The Other Windy City)

We've made it to Barstow. It was a long day. About 5 hours or so on the road. The mountainous views were stunning, as usual. We got into the campground at dusk so I saw very little in the daylight. We're staying at a Regional park that has an RV campground and also is part of a ghost town. It's all referred to as the Calico Ghost Town. We already saw some mine shaft openings on the way in, so I'll be excited to do some exploring tomorrow. Here's some excerpts from their website:

Calico was developed in 1881 during the largest silver strike in California. Calico boomed during 1881-1896; but the end came to the silver rush in 1896 and by 1904 Calico had become a ghost town. One-third of Calico's original structures still stand; the remaining buildings have been carefully reconstructed to capture the Old West spirit.

Anyways, the ride here was non-eventful, which many-a-time is a good thing. We did stop off at a Walmart for weekly groceries. Jim didn't enjoy the drive much today. It was very windy, with a lot of dirt and dust flying around. Yes, even the tumbleweeds were active today. A plus side is that we can say we've driven through the Mojave Desert. According to Wikipedia, we've been to it several times. Thanks to setting up the RV in the wind, we now have some of the desert in our nose and eyes. A free souvenir!

Time to get some sleep. Early to bed... early to, well, maybe just wake up at some point.

Above: I guess bimbo doesn't mean anything bad in Spanish?


  1. I'm not sure if anyone else mentioned this but I noticed the motorcyclists splitting lanes in the traffic jams bothered you in an earlier post. I've been a passenger on a motorcycle splitting lanes in San Francisco...and it freaked me out too! And we were part of a club of bikes, and we had a wheelman or whatever he's called, to help us with navigating the traffic safely. And it was still scary. But it is legal and necessary because otherwise the cyclist would be sitting there at a standstill holding up a really heavy bike for hours/days/however long the traffic sits there.

  2. @Lauren - Yeah, it was a big topic of conversation with varied opinions on what is wrong or right. It seems most people have chimed in that it's legal. Most have even added the scary part to the end.



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