4-21-09 Tuesday (Burgers for the Birds)

Jim felt fine this morning. I guess all of it wasn't Perkin's peanut butter poisoning but some sort of stomach virus. Throughout the day, I'd suffer short waves of nausea. It would last for about 5 seconds and then I'd be fine.

Ann and Morgan checked out of their hotel and met us at the coach. We're all leaving the Grand Canyon and going on to Flagstaff for a few days. In an issue of Arizona Highways Magazine that Ann and Morgan had, a top 25 restaurant article featured a place on Route 66, called Twisters, in Williams, AZ. We decided to give it a shot. It was recommended for it's burgers and shakes. The shakes were good, the burgers.... not so much. The burgers were frozen hockey pucks that eventually became dried up, over cooked, thin hockey pucks. Mmmmm, mmmm.

Above: I did like the stuff they put on the tables.

Once we arrived in Flagstaff, we checked into our RV park and hotel (Ann & Morgan). We went to the Arboretum. It was lame. Hardly anything was blooming. We caught the tail end of a Birds of Prey show they have.

Above: Hawk from the Birds of Prey show.

Above: Video: Total cuteness. Donate money and the raven is trained to retrieve it from your hand or floor and deposit it into the donation bucket. Awesome.

The washer/dryer part was here at the RV park waiting for us (Jim had it shipped here). Jim installed the new part with help from his Mom, Ann.

For dinner, I heated the leftover stew we should have eaten the other night during Jim's Deathbed performance. By the way, it's love when your other half splashes puke on the toilet and I cleaned it up. I also gave him the wireless doorbell to "summon" me if he needed anything. Me? I was much more miserable. I was a neater thrower-upper BUT I moaned and even cried. I got back into the bed and moaned some more. I whined. I squirmed. I was sick, and I wanted anyone who was around (well, only Jim) to know it. Oh, where was I? Oh, so I heated the stew up, baked biscuits and we ate outside at the picnic table. I think this was a first for us.

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  1. I'm so envying your travels...Garret, you're too funny! Indian food is delicious and a lot of it is vegetarian so not too scary. I haven't had a chance to try bison yet (how was it?) and I ate a goat burger by accident in Aruba... : )


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