4-1-09 Wednesday (Beer Budgets)

Perhaps I should have saved my opinions about this park until after a full night/day have elapsed. Even though we drove 6 miles off of a major highway, the road must have looped around in such a way that the 6 mile away highway is now only 1 mile away. With the windows closed on the RV, we can't hear it. There's more. Apparently there is a sports field very close by that attracts screaming children and very bright lights. Some event was going on until 10:30 or 11pm. So much for the peace and quiet. So much for the rustic wooded feeling. Hopefully that was just a Tuesday night thing. Maybe it was a celebration of our arrival and we never received the invite? I'm sure that's what it was.

If you're ever in this area, I'd highly recommend seeing Hearst Castle. A gorgeous place, and an interesting story. Click here to see the highlights of the tour we took. I would take a few minutes to click on the links within the tour descriptions to see some beautiful photos. They offer several tours, by the way. Most of them are $20 each. Hearst Castle is a state park. At one time, Mr. Hearst had a zoo on the property. Many famous people visited the castle as Mr. Hearst's guest. There's oodles of interesting information. This property is certainly grand.

On the way into San Luis Obispo, we spotted a drive in movie theater yesterday. Tonight Jim had suggested dinner and a movie. We went to Applebees and somehow or another, he and I ordered healthy meals (they had Weight Watcher points assigned). Amazing! Next was the Sunset drive in. $6 each for 2 movies! What a bargain. I've never been to a drive in before. I was happy to see that we didn't need a speaker to hang in our vehicle. We just had to tune the radio to a certain station. I liked that the spots were sloped upward at the front of the vehicle to enable a better view angle. We saw
Monster Vs. Aliens (cute) first and then Race to Witch Mountain (the story line is tired).


  1. WOW....Really AWESOME video!!! Nice job.

  2. Of course the hoopla was a celebration of your arrival, but with all your looping around the invitation couldn't catch up with you. The ruckus reminds me of my little two night trip to Disney last May to meet up with my cousin Kristen and her two boys from NY. Our room overlooked the huge guitar shaped pool. Cool right? We thought so too until we realized at 3am that the pool never closed and screaming children were actually in the pool that late. Can you say no sleep for two nights? I CAN! Grrrrr. I wanted to commit homicide in the happiest place on earth.

    Funny you should mention Hearst Castle... it was a double or noting video question on Cash Cab the other night and we answered right! Unfortunately, the girls in the cab didn't, and lost $1,400.

    So what did you order at Applebee's? The Chili-Lime Chicken Salad? (5 Points), Cajun Lime Tilapia? (6 Points), Garlic Herb Chicken (7 Points), or Steak & Portobellos? (7 Points). I know them all baby. And I'm proud of you for choosing healthy. Baby steps can lead to big accomplishments, ya know.

    Is the weather nice in San Luis Obispo?

  3. @RV Birds of a Feather: Thanks, oh and get a shorter name. My fingers hurt.

    @Alix: "I wanted to commit homicide in the happiest place on earth." I know not to take a drink when reading your blog but I gotta remember that about comments.....

    I had the Garlic Herb Chicken. Jim had the Chili-Line Chicken Salad. Boy you are knowledgeable!



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