4-16-09 Thursday (Lola, She Was a Pole Dancer...)

I hope that if you enjoy the blog, you haven't missed any posts. Because I was behind, sometimes 2-3 entries are posted in one day. I certainly don't want you to miss the Lucky Cheng Adventure.

Back in March, Jim reunited with fellow High Schooler, Dona Scholes. Dona's mom (Rosa) and dad (Don) retired to Vegas about 5 years ago and love it. Rosa and Don were school teachers when Jim was in school. We met up with Rosa and Don at Boulder Station casino. We hung out at the Railhead along with several of their friends/neighbors. A live band played 40's/50's/60's. I had so much fun watching some of these 70-80 people dancing the afternoon away. Some were wearing high heels. Sheesh! This was a 2-4pm event for the older folks. Afterwards, the 4 of us went to the buffet and the others went home or to gamble. The buffet was delicious! Does this buffet make me look fat? We had a blast with Rosa and Don!

On the way home, we stopped off and snapped a few photos of some things you might only find in Vegas. You might be in Vegas if....

We returned to the coach and caught up with Joe and Gary from next door. They were too tired from the day's convention to go out so we hung out in their coach until about 9:30 or so. We made plans to go to the Rio tomorrow afternoon. I'll get photos of them tomorrow. Say cheese!


  1. Were you able to stock up? Maybe you could get a pole installed in the RV? (unless you already have one...) ;)

    PS You've been tagged! Checkout my latest blog for more info. :)

  2. Excuse me, but where the hell are you?

  3. Grand Canyon with no damn internet! Damn giant gapping holes!


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