4-29-09 Wednesday (Wednesday's Friday's Adventure)

Not a very exciting day. We went grocery shopping at Sam's and Walmart. Both the campground's and my internet have been severely spotty all day. I was beginning to think if it was my laptop since both sources sucked. I was getting majorly frustrated at having to reload webpages umteen-million times.

The Friday's special of buy 1 entree get the second at $1 expires by the end of the month. Jim suggested dinner there. I said, "No, I don't care if it's free, I'm fat and we need to do something about this." I was almost in tears. So we went to Walmart, and I bought a few pairs of cheap shorts. I was starving. On the way home, I giggled outloud. Jim asked what was funny. I explained, "My mind is screwed up. I
thought Friday's sounded really good especially since I just bought large shorts." Jim suggested at least salads there. Long story short, off to Friday's we went. The other night, with Jim's mom we had a hard time finding a Fridays. We went to 2 that were closed and finally gave up. Tonight we made sure a Fridays existed by comparing the Fridays website to the GPS. Off we went. We couldn't find this one. We both managed to miss the sign because it wasn't the usual corporate logo. I called them and the recording explained where they were located and that they were open only until 9. They were in a stadium. It was already 8:30pm and we'd need to find parking. UGH! We selected another Fridays that was another 15 minutes away, now totaling a 30 minute each way journey. I called to make sure. They were open until 11 or later.

WELL, let me tell you. I looked over at Jim and said, "There ain't no way I'm having a salad after all this shit." Jim and I both ordered the flat iron steak minus the Jack Daniel's sauce that Friday's seems to want to put on everything. Jim said it wasn't as tender as usual. I disagreed. We swapped pieces. He was right, his wasn't as tender. Interesting. The mashed potatoes were amazing as usual.

But wait... there's more. The desserts were looking mighty yummy. A few months ago, Ann & Morgan gave us a Fridays gift card. When we tried using it, the card was never activated. When I was back in Florida, they got the card taken care of and the Friday's gave us a free dessert card for the trouble. Well, Jim and I used the freebie last night. We split a brownie, caramel, sundae. Oh yummy.


  1. You don't want to now how many calories are in that brownie, do you? That is my absolute favorite dessert that Friday's carries. Unfortunately I can no longer indulge (or maybe that's a good thing!)

    The flat iron steak is tender about 95% of the time. It's better than the sirloin and the NY strip!

    Did they give you a menu insert with all the $5 salads and sandwiches?

    I'm working my way through the salads. Although tonight I brought home the BBQ Chicken wrap with a small caesar salad. It was my lunch but as soon as it was ready, we got busy again. So no lunch for me today.

  2. No, spare me the calorie count. BUT I only ate 1/2 of it. Jim had the other half and I was sure to push all the calories to his side of the bowl. I'm like that.

    No mention of the $5 deal. But then again the email I got and the CNN news article says for May, not LATE April.


  3. Yes
    Today was a sad day for me
    It was the last day for our Fridays coupons... I LOVE the ribs!!
    they were yummy again tonight like usual.... no, we did not get the Sunday LOL

  4. Big girls don't look good in spandex shorts, or the cotton shorts that look like spandex, because people GROW into them.


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