4-6-09 Monday (How Much Further?)

Our last day at Yosemite was tiring. We decided to see the Giant Sequoias in the Mariposa Grove. The problem was that the road leading to it was closed. 2 miles (on a paved road) to the first Sequoia. Jim said "let's do it" and so started the hike. It was ALL uphill. Well, at least going back will be easier.

Once we made it to the first Sequoia, we found out a really giant one existed. And just 150 feet away from that was one to walk through. They both were only another mile away. The extra mile was hiking through the forest. Ugh.

We walked 6 miles roundtrip! Anyway, below is a short video of our journey today.

A couple of videos below:

Jim and I walk through the snow.

A video of the woodpecker Jim spotted.

Tomorrow, we're on the road to Barstow for 3 nights.


  1. How do your legs feel today? Mine would be screaming! The longer you stay in California, the more I want to visit all the places you're showing us.

  2. I can't decide whether you're hiking rock stars or videographer extraordinaires. Maybe both. PROBABLY both.

    Six Miles?

    You are migrating into Alix territory now, Garret. I might have to challenge you to a duel.

    Oh, and the Nancy Sinatra touch? You are so copying me. Mwah!

  3. @Joanie: Oddly, my legs and calves are fine. My calves started hurting during the first 15 minutes of the uphill climb.

    @Alix: Shoosh, I forgot you did that song too. Damn it. I originally picked Jessica Simpson's version because it was longer and more modern but then Jim said (insert whinny voice here) "Aren't you going to use Nancy Sinatra's version?"


  4. Why is it going to take you 3 days on the road to Barstow? How many days will you be in Barstow? WHy will you be in Barstow at all? I don't think I know anything about the place, I hope you can enlighten me. I'm in a funk and miss both of you terribly.

  5. A few posts ago, you were saying how you wanted to take off a few pesky pounds. Well after walking 6 miles in rugged terrain, you probably shed a couple right there:-)

    Do tell, what is there to see and do in Barstow??

  6. @Pearl - We'll be in Barstow for 3 nights. We just got in at 8:30pm our time so we'll explore tomorrow. The RV park is actually a regional park and seems pretty cool so far.


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