4-18-09 Saturday (Food Poisoning)

We said our goodbyes to Gary & Joe, stopped at the office to fill our propane tank and hit the road. All by 10am! Amazing.... I know.

The plan for today was to have lunch at a Perkins in Bullhead City, Arizona on our way to the Grand Canyon campground (Trailer Village). Jim and I have been craving Perkins pancakes.

This was the only Perkins for 400 miles. I don't know how 1 store out of a franchise can survive. I got my pancakes with a side of peanut butter. I spread it on like butter, with butter too, of course, and then topped with syrup. Just heaven!

We stopped off at a KMart for some things we've had a hard time locating, like Damp Rid refills. We got to the Grand Canyon campground "Trailer Village" at about 6:30pm. Just as we arrived I started feeling sick. Jim wanted Wendy's for dinner. I barely finished my chicken sandwich and had to go wait in the Jeep. Once we got home and well into 3am or so, I threw up 3 times. I had chills, possibly a fever. Eventually it came out the other end too! Ugh. The only thing Jim and I had differently at Perkins was that I had peanut butter.

Above: Elk wandering the campground at the Grand Canyon.

Above: Dasher, "Why do these people bother me?"

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