4-13-09 Monday (The Vegas Buzz)

To Vegas baby! We've been to Vegas in 2006 along with our friends Carl and Tim, Laurie and Pearl. We got to see 90% of Vegas including the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. This trip will be about the other 10% and maybe revisiting the places we liked a lot.

In the picture above, I know it looks like I have a beard, but I don't. Strange shadowing? Anyways, left to right: Carl, Garret, Laurie, Jim, Pearl, and Tim. May 2006.

We arrived to Las Vegas, at the KOA at Circus Circus. After check in and set up, we decided to have lunch. I must tell you that the best buffet we ate at in 2006 was sure to be a frequent place of ours on this trip. We decided if we were going to OVEReat at a buffet, we should walk there. We didn't realize it was 2.7 miles EACH way. Oh well, once you get going, ya can't stop! The buffet, called Flavors, is located at Harrah's. Did I tell you this buffet is huge and the best? I'm trying to catch up on all these posts so if I can I will describe the buffet stations in a later post. For now, you can click on the link above and look at their virtual tour.

When we arrived to Harrah's, an employee standing close to the doors had coupons or flyers in her hand but seemed to put them behind her back when we made eye contact. Whatever compelled me to say, "Whatcha got?" worked to our benefit. Long story short, if we attend a time share tomorrow we can have free tickets to this or that or $100 cash.
Jim wanted to see Rita Rudner which is an expensive show. The woman coaxed us on what to say or not to say... You know like lie and tell them we have a house, we're NOT in an RV and NOT at Circus Circus and we're NOT unemployed. I mentioned we came for our favorite buffet and she hooked us up with 4 coupons. 2 for 1's!

So just under 6 miles of walking with a full gut... and I mean full... we returned to RV, made a grocery list and went shopping at Walmart. Jim got a haircut, I shopped, we came home, Jim disassembled the washer/dryer to diagnose the failed part.

We then WALKED to Treasure Island (2.3 miles each way) to see the Sirens of TI show. It was OK. Jim liked it.

OK, back home and here's some tidbits of info. The A/C is working normally now. I couldn't even tell you what its problem was but I'm glad it's normal for the time being. I was surprised they started a double-decker 24/7 bus service that runs the strip every 15 minutes. The monorail location sucks, so maybe that why they decided to come up with better service.

At the end of the day my legs were so sore and I was exhausted. Now at 12:30am, I went to bed but Jim decided to clean the outdoor furniture. I guess he was burning off his diet coke caffeine buzz..... crazy man.

Do I really need to comment?

Below: The slideshow is fast paced. Pause the video if you want to see any of the photos up close and personal.

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  1. Did you notice that the same lovely couple...Tim & Pearl...are in the hideous Las Vegas sign picture? Aren't they a cute couple? ;o) And where is Jim's diet coke cooler? Did he set it on the floor for this one?


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