4-11-09 Saturday (The Revolution)

We got up early! Without internet connection we were out of the RV by 9:30. Woo-hoo! We took Dasher and a picnic lunch with us expecting a long day. Death Valley is very misleading. I thought of it being vast desert waste lands but in fact it was very beautiful. I think I read it only gets 2 inches of rainfall a year, but it’s still surprisingly beautiful. Mountains all over the place! The variation of colors and textures on these mountains made me feel like I was in all different places. Maybe like the mountains came from different parts of the country. You’ll see what I mean in the video. Oh! And the wildflowers in Death Valley! All over the place. How does that happen? Some day I'll research on it.

I switched on the A/C for a few minutes before bedtime. The A/C control unit made some strange noises, like sizzling noises and the front A/C unit didn’t get a steady flow of power. For safety, I decided not to run both units. In case it’s a park power issue, we’ll try it out again at another campground.

As if A/C problems aren’t enough, the washer/dryer unit started making a loud noise during dry cycle. It’s an appliance revolt!

Above: Slideshow.

Above: Drive through Titus Canyon.

Above: 360 view from a view point


  1. The drive through Titus Canyon reminded me of that Star Wars movie with the young Anakin and they race those floaty air shippy things in that desert setting.

    Yeah. My husband's proud.

  2. Okie dokie...I'm continuing to make list of places to visit. Thanks for making it so easy for me. Are you sure your name isn't Frommers:-)?


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