4-25-09 Saturday (Chinese Mexican Food)

Today was a travel day. Flagstaff to Phoenix. It was pretty uneventful. We stopped off for lunch at "Outlets of Anthem" which is an outdoor mall. Jim spotted this place and it was perfect for it's large RV-accommodating parking lot, it has a food court, and we were hungry. We ate at "Famous Wok" which was OK. There were a few food court places to choose from but I was in the mood for Chinese; Jim and Ann followed suit.

It was a pretty nice ride from Flagstaff to Phoenix. I sat on the couch or at times at the dinette on the computer. Ann rode in my usual co-pilot seat. She enjoyed the RV's viewpoint and large window. For the last leg of the trip we swapped seats.

Above: Ann entertains Jag as we drive.

Above: Saguaro cactus are bountiful in this region.

The RV park, Apache Palms is actually in Tempe. We're close to Phoenix. The park seems nice enough. It was hard finding an RV park. For the Phoenix area, research was revealing RV parks weren't in the best of neighborhoods. As a matter of fact, this particular one was questionable. Jim enlisted the help of our friend Gregg that we met during our December Seattle trip. Sometime last week, Gregg was able to drive by this RV park and give us a "report" on it and it's area. Gregg was spot on. Thanks Gregg! We'll see him and Tim in a few days.

We redeemed a restaurant.com certificate for Tradiciones Restaurant. This Mexican restaurant was pretty good, but I think we're still on the hunt for a kick-ass Mexican food meal.

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  1. Chinese ~ Mexican. Hmmm. Would that be Chinecan? Mexinese? Would it be egg roll quesadilla? Refried wonton? Chicken chow burrito? Oy, I'm so confused. Maybe it's "Lucky F***ing Juan's? I do give you credit for thinking outside the box though. :o)
    Love you, Pearl


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