5-7-11 Saturday (Bars For Reception And Pool)

A few days ago the goose nest barricades were gone.  HONK!

As typical, Saturday I worked till 8.  Jim had spent the day with Beth.  They shopped and went to the movies.  One shopping destination was Dillards where Jim bought the silverware we like that has been clearanced even further.  He bought 1 package place setting for 4 and 2 packages of serving utensils.  We’d still like another 4 place settings.  I blogged about this set in December here.


After work I met up with Jim, Beth and Ruby at a sports bar called Fanz which was formerly Midtown Sundries.  We ate dinner, listened to Karaoke and shot 8 or 9 games of pool.  Team Ruby & Garret won!

2011-05-07 0122011-05-07 0162011-05-07 018

We had a fantastic time.  I was presented with some gifts.  Ruby had recently been to France.  For a souvenir she brought back orange chocolate nougats and an apron.  I told Jim he could don the apron while I ate chocolates.  Beth, bought me a ginormous mug.  Reason for the mug?  Just because.  During a previous conversation, I had said how everyday at work I have a cup of tea and it was my newest addiction of sorts.

IMAG0032Above: Mug from Beth.


IMAG0033Above: Pretty apron from Ruby.

Life isn’t complete without regrets.  I regret getting service with AT&T.  At home we only get 1 bar and sometimes no bars.  It’s not like I live out in the country or something.  The reception seems better in the new neighborhood so I guess I only have to deal with it for a few months more.  I do love the phone itself though.

I have several bars in and outside of work.  Jim reported to have several bars at the new property.  I guess we just happen to rent a house in the void of the time space continuum or something.


  1. That's some pretty fancy schmancy flatware, Garret. Looks like something Kate and Wills might have gotten as a royal wedding gift. Now I want some! It's groovy, it really is!

    Regarding the goose: I wonder if someone committed poultricide?

  2. "I wonder if someone committed poultricide? "

    LOL. I wuv u.


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