5-8-11 Sunday (The Walmart Concert Series)

Jim and I started our day with a trip to Mert’s Heart and Soul for brunch.  We’ve been there several times.  I had eggs and pork chops.  Jim enjoyed the sweet potato pancakes.  Yum.  We walked several blocks to the NASCAR Hall of Fame and met up with Deanna.

On the first full weekend of each month, Bank of America has a program called, “Museums on Us”.  Bank of America account holders can get into selected museums free.  We have 6 or so in Charlotte including the all new NASCAR Hall of Fame.        

2011-05-08 049Above: This isn’t the museum.  Just a cool looking parking garage.

2011-05-08 008Above: Yes, that’s the museum.

2011-05-08 009


2011-05-08 010


2011-05-08 017


2011-05-08 020


2011-05-08 023Above/Below: Deanna takes an interactive challenge to see how fast she can jack up a car.

2011-05-08 026Above: Jim changes a tire.

2011-05-08 028


2011-05-08 030


2011-05-08 036

Above/Below: Meanwhile… back at the NASCAR garage.

2011-05-08 037


2011-05-08 040

Above/Below: Shots with the NASCAR founder dude.

2011-05-08 041


2011-05-08 042

Above/Below: Jim and Deanna see what it’s like to sit in a race car.

2011-05-08 043

2011-05-08 044Above: NASCAR what?

2011-05-08 045


2011-05-08 048


The NASCAR Hall of Fame had lots of interactive informational displays.  It’s interesting… if you’re into that sort of thing.

We said our goodbyes with Deanna and then stopped at Mert’s again.  We picked up a piece of sweet potato cake with cream cheese icing to take home… the best.  We stopped home, gathered up a grocery list to go to Walmart.  As we entered the store, Jim spotted this Mariachi band entering the store.  Naturally I snapped some photos.

2011-05-08 028

I figured they were on their way somewhere and stopped at Walmart for something.  Later while in the back of the store we heard live music.  There they were!  They actually moved throughout the store stopping to play a song.  We think it was a promotion by a beer or alcohol company.  Does YOUR Walmart have a strolling Mariachi band?

Does your Walmart have a strolling Mariachi band?


Rant Cloud Animated - SlowReady?  AT&T rant…  We got our first bill.  Yes, already.  We’ve only have service for a week.  $275.00  What the explicative?  They bill in advance.  AND the partial month.  Nothing says “welcome to AT&T” like a $275 bill a week later.  They billed activation fees of $36 per phone which was supposed to be waived.  I emailed by salesman but it bounced back as being an invalid address.  Ugh.  We stop into the store and see our sales guy.  He “works on the bill”.  Jim goes outside to make a few calls and leaves it up to me.  This is typically best, I assure you. 

My salesman is fairly new.  While he works on that I mention my unhappiness with reception at my house.  A saleswoman says I can complain on the website.  I can’t find it.  Where?  She can’t find it either.  2 other salesmen get involved and have me download AT&T Mark The Spot which is an application designed to file reports of poor reception or no reception.  She says I should complain daily.  She also mentions there’s a device that can boost reception and that maybe I can get it free from them.  Meanwhile, my salesman tells me he emailed his manager and the credit for the activation fees should show up on the next bill.  Another salesperson chimes in that I should simply pay the bill short.  I thank them all for the time and step outside.

I called AT&T customer service. The customer service guy (Edwin W) was awesome in handling my bitchiness.  I did apologize to him in advance that I was going to vent.  And vent I did.

  1. While I do appreciate the “help” the sales people gave me, I certainly don’t expect that I have to complain daily to get a resolution.
  2. You guys make an app to report poor service?  Ugh.
  3. I want my credits immediately and I want an email as confirmation.

He did exactly as requested about the credits.  I asked what he was going to do to keep me as a customer since I have 30 days to break this contract and go back to Verizon.  He said something about that being just what he needed to hear to escalate my situation to a special department.  This guy put me on hold to connect me to the department but returns empty handed.  He says that he forgot it was Sunday and that department is closed.  This man offers to call ME tomorrow and then he’ll transfer me to the “special” department.  This guy wows me.  Stay tuned…


  1. At first I thought the NACAR Founder Dude was George W and you'd finally come to your senses! My mistake. You haven't.

    LOVE the nail filing photo. Great juxtaposition of the thrill of sitting in a real NASCAR racing seat and your usual silliness. :) You're a riot.

    Welcome to the worldwide suffering AT&T mobile subscribers club. But hey - I get a discount because Larry is retired from BellSouth. It's much much better getting a discount on crappy service. {Looking up Verison's number...}

  2. You have convinced me to stay with Verizon. Thanks!!

    Love the NASCAR pics!

    Wish my Walmart had a Mariachi band! All we seem to get are people like the ones you see on People of Walmart!

  3. AT&T does eventually step up to bat in upcoming blog entries....


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