5-18-11 Wednesday (Constant Training)

imageI so love my day off.  On Monday and Tuesday, before work, I ran out to get errands completed.  I just didn’t want too much for me to do on my day off.  I still did laundry and cleaned the bathroom.  Yes, just one bathroom.  Later I met Jim and 2 of his coworkers at the Dragon Buffet.  Yum!

While speaking to his coworkers, I’ve found that they’ve been getting paid to sit around and do nothing for 2 weeks.  It’s scary because Jim hasn’t been very busy either.   I sometimes expect to come home and and find out Jim is without a job.  It was just around Christmas that 40 employees were laid off.

If I haven’t mentioned before, Jim is a loan underwriter.  He’s kind of like a contract employee.   His company receives out-sourced loans to underwrite.  Sometimes with PHH, Citi, Chase, Bank of America, etc.  He’s been there under a year and is underwriting for his second company. 

imageJim has decided not to fret over it.  Living in fear about losing ones job is insane.  If it happens, it happens.  Luckily, he found out after lunch that he’s being moved to another account!  Job security will be better, he’ll be busier and it increases his knowledge.  The bad part is he’ll have to undergo training for the 3rd time in a year.  4 times if you include when he worked at Wells Fargo.  The badder (new word, get over it) part is that we may not be able to take our vacation as planned since he can’t miss training for obvious reasons.   

Animated RV

I haven’t mentioned the property since they “dug the unwanted basement”.   I stopped back by yesterday.

2011-05-17 002

The hole has been filled but I’m not totally sure how long since Jim said he saw it filled a day or so prior.  We consulted with Jim’s father who explained the process of replacing bad dirt and other tidbits.  We composed an email to our builder asking for documentation that it has been correctly replaced and tested.

Our salesperson says this probably has set us back about 2 weeks.  I think it’s gonna be longer than that since it’s been 8 days or so and it’s still not been restored to the way it was (with plumbing, footers dug, etc).  She said they should be able to make up some of the 2 weeks since the weather is going to be nice.  Really?  Only if they work faster than usual or longer hours than usual otherwise it’s impossible to catch up.


  1. I like Jim's attitude. I try to hold that sort of sentiment with most things that aren't in my control.

    And the fortune cookie picture cracks me up!

  2. Hi... what about some detail of what bad dirt is? I can't understand why they did that to your new home. And I too love the fortune cookie picture.

    Best regards!



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