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Jim did get to speak with our superintendent, Roger, about the soil issues on the lot.  He put our concerns at ease by explaining to Jim why it all happened as it did.  Adams Homes, per building laws, had the soil replaced as supervised by an engineer with all test results on file with the county.  I’m probably not explaining all of that exactly right but close enough.

It would seem construction has been at a standstill lately and I’m not sure what the hold up is.  It could be waiting for inspections, or perhaps materials or maybe a subcontractor?  Our NACA representative asked for an estimated completion date on the build which is awesome that we didn’t have to press for it ourselves.  Adams hasn’t responded as of yet.


A trip to Walmart for me before work.  Thrilling.  I know.  I decided to get shopping as done as possible so that we can focus on a laid back, fun, or relaxing week depending on what’s going on.  We have some plans this weekend but not 100% booked up.  We’re going to see another RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Shannel.  Luckily she’s not going to be at the Rock Hill dumpy bar.  We’ll also be white water rafting or something crazy like that.  Perhaps some dinner with friends too and who knows what else.  Stay tuned!


It was a pretty slow day at work.  It seemed to have averaged 9 minutes or so between calls.  Someone told me that they recently posted positions for my job again.  The thing that gets me is the hours.  Shouldn’t they offer schedule bids or such to the people who want an earlier shift?


I’m disappointed.  Myself as a well as a few others have let the powers that be know that.

After work today… oh wait, first off, it’s mine and Jim’s 12th anniversary!  Yay!  OK, continuing.  Jim was sweet and booked reservations for 300 East.  We’ve been there a few times.  It was yummy.  Then off to Amelie’s French Bakery to pick up some treats. 

Tomorrow is white water river rafting!


  1. What hours did they post when you applied? I wonder if they post open hours and then you find out the real deal after you start the process? Maybe 8-6:30 is more of a general "your shift could start at 8 or it could start at 6:30" kind of thing?

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Have fun white water rafting, let me know how it goes. I am going June 7th and I have never been before so I knod of nervous, but excited.

  3. The hours posted to me were 12:30 - 9. I even said to a supervisor that I understand I agreed to the schedule however better schedules should be up for schedule bids... even if I don't get it. To me it still eliminates 10-20 people competition for future schedule.

    I don't think the hours will start 6:30 though. I think it will be 8-5:30 or 8:30-6 or 9:6:30 type of thing.

  4. I would think they'd want to mix in some more experienced reps (you) with the newbies. But what do I know...

  5. Happy Anniversary. 300 East and Amelie's are two of our favorites, too.


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