5-25-11 Wednesday (Poor Timing)

I totally forgot to blog about the Rapture!  2 funny things about it.  During my shift at work on Saturday, I glanced up from my cubicle and saw white lights pulse on the walls.  There were many of them.  My brain processed it as a camera flash and after they flashed again I realized they were fire alarm lights.  By the 3rd or 4th pulse, an alarm sounded.  Can I just tell you, my heart sank a little.  Rapture day + alarms.  Ugh.  It was a fire drill!  We made our way out to the parking lot.  Did my company really think to have a fire drill on the day that something bad is supposed to happen?  That’s like having a fire drill on September 11th.  Dumbasses.  What’s worse?  Them or my reaction?

I posted the fire drill event as my status on Facebook.  The best reply was from John Anderson:


I’m sorry but how funny is that?  What if you drove down the street and saw some piles of clothes?  You got left behind!

Rapture Failure

Jim has officially cancelled our Asheville trip plans.  We’ll reschedule for July or August.  Oh well.

I was off from work today.  Naturally I spent it doing laundry and other household chores.  I did get out of the house to get by the property (no changes) and then to BJ’s for some gas and groceries.  Yep, the highlights.  I did get to play a video game for a while too… Ironman 2.  It’s not all that great.

Not much else to say.  I think we’re going white water rafting this weekend or something like that.

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  1. Hell to the yes on piles of clothes! Hilarious! Sorry the pseudo-rapture freaked you out. We weren't too worried. But the worst part was wondering if God was going to take us by time zone. Being in Puerto Rico didn't change our rapture departure even though we were further east. It was kind of nice watching Saturday Night Live when they gave the all-clear after midnight. I was like, rapture? Oh yeah.

    Glad you're still with me Garret. Either that or we're both doomed.


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