4-29-11 Friday (Dumb Phones)

Friday: Jim and I met with a representative of our builder.  I don’t know what his title is but basically he makes sure the homes are being built correctly (superintendent).  We, along with our sales rep Michelle, went over the changes we’ve made from the basic plans.  Outlet placement, tub deletion, wall removal, etc.  Using a set of blue prints, we noted the various changes accordingly.

When done, we stopped by the property since we were told plumbing had been roughed in and Jim and I hadn’t seen that stage yet.  I didn’t have my camera with me but the camera phone did pretty well.


The superintendent guy said he may have spotted a problem with the plumbing and was going to make sure it was all in the correct location.  We didn’t really ask what might be wrong since he spotted it and will take care of it which is what he does.  He mentioned he wanted to be sure of the measurements.

Our Verizon contracts have expired.  I want a Smartphone.  I don’t know if I want one just cause everyone else has one, or if it’s cause I like gadgets, or just want to surf the internet while at work.  I definitely don’t NEED one.  I stopped at Verizon and anyway I try to arrange our plans, it would come out to $30 more per phone for the dataplan that’s required for a Smartphone.  I just don’t want to pay $60 more a month so I can be on Facebook and email.  Right now we’re on the old grandfathered Alltel plan of $70 for 900 shared minutes and the Friends/Family Plan and with other add-ons and taxes, we pay about $95 a month.  If I change plans, they have a 700 minute plan for the same price so I’d get 200 less minutes that is eligible for a 20% discount through work, then add the $60 for the dataplan.  In the end I’ll save $15, get less minutes and pay $60 more.  Ugh.  I always hear bad things about AT&T so I’m trying to stay away from them. 

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