5-14-11 Saturday & 5-15-11 Sunday


The plan for today is that while I’m at work, Jim will work on readying the MoHo for our upcoming Asheville trip.  I dropped him off at the storage place.

2011-05-14 002

He gassed it up, brought it to the house, changed the generator oil/filter, and de-winterized it.  De-winterizing is to take the coolant out of the tanks and water lines and run a bleach mixture through the system to sanitize. 

With a neighbor’s blessing, Jim removed our mailbox and drove the RV into the yard between our neighbor and us.  It had been raining throughout the day so the saturated clay-soil may possibly create an unwanted challenge to getting the RV back out of the yard.

Coworker Mike and I left work an hour early.  Mike went home to pick up Billy and then picked up a sub order from Jimmy John’s Subs for us to eat at our house.  With wine, subs, and conversation, we had a great time. 


We got a very early start.  Jim, with the use of plywood, easily removed the MoHo from the mucky mud and parked it into the driveway for further maintenance.  Jim hooked up water, and power.  I cleaned the inside of the RV from top to bottom.  Vacuum, mop, toilet, counters, dust, dashboard, spot clean carpet, glass, upholstery, etc. 

2011-05-15 006

Jim worked on changing the oil.  I stood watch to hand “things” to him while he worked.

2011-05-15 007

2011-05-15 008

I washed the mud from the wheels.  Next week we’ll wash the exterior.

Later we brought the RV back to storage, came home, showered, went to Home Depot and Walmart, and then out to dinner at Mimi’s.


  1. You guys sure know how to put the X in exciting. Woot woot! Love the oil change photos. Super fun times.

  2. So Jim's the family mechanic...got it! Best of luck guys!

    Bill and Mark

  3. I think you were just there to enjoy the butt shots...


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