5-11-11 Wednesday (Bad Dirt, Bad)

Last night I got the Microcell to give us 4-5 bars.  Yay!  They recommend to place it within 3 feet of a window since it uses a combination of internet and GPS to get a signal.  During it’s initial setup I had the wires all over the place and the unit sitting some where temporarily.   I unplugged it and moved it to it’s permanent location, above my desk, even closer to the window.  All frickin’ day long I couldn’t get it to connect.  I even moved the bitch right to the window sill.  Each time I moved it I left it in it’s new location for a couple of hours.  Nope.   Wasn’t syncing up.  *As of Thursday morning, it was fine though.

I ran out to pick up some potatoes for dinner.  We had went to Walmart on Sunday and as seems typical, they were reliving the great potato famine.  That store constantly runs out of potatoes. 

I stopped at the property again even though I had just been there the day prior.  My heart sank.

2011-05-11 012

They dug out our living room!  A basement?  Nope.  The plumbing has been removed on that side of the house.  I went to the office.  Our salesperson is out on maternity leave so I spoke with Elaine.  She said they found bad dirt.  Shouldn’t they have found it before they put the rebar into the ground for the footers?  Oy.

Now what?  I don’t know.  I guess new dirt comes?  I’m crushed.

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  1. I think building a house would drive me nuts. There is no way I could be constantly checking and watching and wondering and waiting.


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