5-9-11 Monday (Monday’s And AT&T Always Get Me Down)

The follow-up rant on the rant.  Yeah, I’m confused too.  As promised, the AT&T service rep, Edwin, called me.  He was going to transfer me to the “special department”.  I was on hold.  He came back on the line and told me that he honestly didn’t get the answer he wanted and the guy was rude so he was going to retransfer me.  I was on hold.  He had no luck again and honestly explained that his plan was to get me to a department called the “Save Department” which had the authority to give me a free Microcell which is an in-home cell phone booster tower of sorts.  You can read about it here if you’d like.  Ironically, the “Save Dept” can’t “touch” a customer with a contract under 30 days old due to “buyer’s remorse”.  Edwin said he was disappointed to and apologized profusely.  So, I guess if you’re a new customer under 30 days, you’re not worth saving. 

I like the phone.  I’m pissed.  Now I gotta go check out Verizon’s phone options, tell AT&T to bite me and that I’m not gonna pay their restocking fee either.  Do I just deal with it for a few months till the house is built or do I jump the AT&T ship for the lousy reception and non-importance factor I feel as though they’ve assigned me? 

I decided to email my salesperson, Sudan:

Sudan, I will be coming in this week to cancel my service.  I will NOT pay any restocking fees.  I get 1 bar and no bars at my residence.  AT&T customer service will not help (I called yesterday and they called me today).   The very nice rep, Edwin W, thought he'd be able to get me with the "Save dept".  He disappointingly (even to him) found out that they couldn't help me.

1-  He thought I might be eligible for Microcell free.
2-  He apologized and refunded me the activation fee immediately.
3-  Apparently the "Save Dept" can't "touch" an account under 30 days (buyer's remorse).  I guess they don't feel a customer under 30 days is worth saving.  Ironic.

Thank you for your personal service.

His response:

Garret I want to say I am deeply upset you are having issues with coverage at your home especially since you are one of my first customers at this location.  I talked to my manager and we’d like to talk to you about solving your concern and we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your experience. 

These are my hours for the rest of the week:

(Hours deleted for post)

Please allow me to handle finding a resolution for you, I’d sincerely like to help make this concern into a positive experience for you.

I’m going to take them up on their offer of resolution and go there tomorrow before work.


  1. Good luck. I don't mean to sound cynical, but if the poor reception issue were so easy to resolve, wouldn't they do it for the nation and get bragging rights over Verizon?

    Who knows.... maybe they'll pull a rabbit out of their hat. I hope so for your sake. XO

  2. They've got a rabbit and they did pull it out of the hat. Stay tuned...

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