5-29-11 Sunday (Fish Face)

Earlier in the week I mentioned we were going white water river rafting.  Jim picked up this 2 for 1 deal on Groupon

Endless River

Jim and I departed Charlotte at about 9am for our 1:30pm guided rafting adventure in Bryson City.  By the way, Bryson City is the same area where were went for that Easter train ride.  The goal was to drive to Asheville (2 hours), have lunch at Tupelo Honey Café (where we love to have sweet potato pancakes) and then continue another 1 to 1.5 hours on to Bryson City.  Once we got to Tupelo Honey we realized that we’d be extremely tight on time so we went to CiCi’s Pizza next door.  CiCi’s is a chain buffet restaurant that Jim likes and I think has the worst pizza.ever.  I think I’ll prefer Stouffers.  I endured it, Jim was happy, tummies were full, I was sleepy, we were on time with only 10 minutes to spare, I was happy.  We arrived at Endless River Adventures, I applied sunscreen, we adorned our life preserver jackets and onto the van we loaded.  A ten minute ride up river with rafts in tow… uneventful. 

A few points.  The water was 50 degrees.  Not the best to fall into.  No one did.  Splashes were actual minimal yet refreshing.  We wore old sneakers and utilized Ziplocs for cash and my old camera.  Our guide, Kelly, gave us a few instructions and off we went.  It was 2 hours down the river.  I think it was an 8 mile trip.  It wasn’t physically challenging.  The Nantahala River is one of the easier rivers.  We had an awesome time and look forward to doing something a little more challenging.  We went through 4 or 5 rapids and the rest of the time was just drifting on the river. 

Here’s the adventures photos:

2011-05-29 0012011-05-29 0022011-05-29 0042011-05-29 0242011-05-29 0052011-05-29 0062011-05-29 0112011-05-29 0132011-05-29 0152011-05-29 0162011-05-29 0172011-05-29 0192011-05-29 020

2011-05-29 026


Wow!  What a great day.  Whoa, I’m not done yet.  We got home after 8pm, showered and changed.  We met up with Billy and Mike for dinner at Boardwalk Billy’s and then onto The Scorpio to see another RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Shannel.  I love Shannel.  She is so Vegas-like.  She was my favorite of all 3 seasons.




The Scorpio was a really nice bar/club.  I was very impressed with it.  Jim and I were beginning to wonder if Charlotte had any nice gay venues. 

2011-05-29 102

Above/Below: Shannel.

2011-05-29 101

2011-05-29 103Above: Billy (Mike dodged the camera!)

2011-05-30 105Above: Billy and Jim

2011-05-30 106Above: Billy and Jim.

2011-05-30 107Above: Mike and Billy

2011-05-30 108Above: Billy and Mike

2011-05-30 110Above: Some fish with a ginormous forehead and Jim.

Definitely an awesome day!


  1. Excellent and well done! Great photos, as usual. One question about Shannel though...

    How does he transform his thin lips into those luscious full pouty Angelina Jolie lips? Magic?

  2. Looks like you had a great day!!!

  3. @Boozy: You can see that Bryan has some lip going if you look closely. It's just very light. Otherwise my answer is "pixie dust".

    @Joanie: We did!

  4. Amazing...Miss Chef and I went rafting the day after you guys, only at the Whitewater Center...and both of us fell out! Looks like your river rafting is calmer than the fake stuff. Except that our water was a hell of a lot warmer than 50 degrees.

  5. @Flartus: LOL. We asked our guide about the Whitewater center and she said she heard that the concrete bottom is like a cheese grater on the skin.


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