5-21-11 Saturday (Feeling Dirty)

2011-05-17 003Above: Deer in the back yard Tuesday!  The next house will have a less obtrusive view to see wildlife.

After a day of dealing with ignorant people on the phones, I came home, freshened up and off to dinner we went.  What?  You want to know more about the ignorant people?  Well, for US Patriot Act compliance, often we have to ask a customer to state their country of citizenship. 

    • WE: This may sound like a strange question, I just need you to state your country of citizenship.

    • THEY: Alabama.

    • WE: No, your country.

    • THEY: Alabama.

    • WE: Not your state, your country.

    • THEY: Oh, Dallas County.

    • WE: Ummm, no, your country like Mexico, Canada, The United States.

    • THEY: Oh, I don’t know hold on.  {10 seconds later} Well, I was born is Mississippi but I’m in Dallas County now.

    • WE: No, That’s your state and your county.  I need country.  Barack Obama is the president of what country?

    • THEY: I don’t know.

    • WE: I’m looking for a country.  Like the country of Canada, country of Mexico, country of England, or country of The United States of America.

    • THEY: The United States?

    • WE: Thank you.

I kid you not.  Really.  This happens more often than I’d care to admit.  When my coworkers hear this going on, we all get quiet to listen.  It’s hilarious, yet very, very sad.  The age of these people vary.  It’s not old people necessarily.  It’s not young people.  It ranges.  Maybe the person is mentally ill?  Perhaps they don’t have a TV?  Maybe they never went to school?  Sure, you can make up excuses on their behalf if that’s what gets you through the day.  “Bless their hearts”.

Oh, so back to dinner.  Jim got deals on a new Groupon-ish coupon site called Juice in the City.


Jim purchased two of these deals and there weren’t any restrictions about using more than one.  So for $10, we got $40 worth of food at Mama Ricotta’s.   We liked the restaurant décor.  The ambiance, not so much.  The music was too loud with a mix of easy listening to 80’s dance. 

The rolls were good.  The dipping oil wasn’t great.  They should warn people that it’s a pepper infused olive oil.  We asked for plain olive oil.  For an appetizer:


We ordered the full which was 3 slices of mozzarella.  That’s a full?

Our meals:


I had the Canneloni, Jim had the Ravioli.


The verdict?  OK.  Don’t hate us but we still love Olive Garden better.  There.  I said it.

For dessert we shared some Nutella pie thingy.  There’s no photo or description online about it.  The description was so awesome.  We felt it was way too sweet rather than just “rich”.  The slice was overly huge and we didn’t finish it.

Next up was to see a couple of drag queens perform in Rock Hill, SC at The Hideaway.  We watch each season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  The 2 performers were from the 3rd season (most recent).

imageAbove: Yara Sofia (4th place)

imageAbove: Alexis Mateo (3rd place)

Yes, they’re men, by the way. 

Let me tell you about the venue.  This place was a dump!  The parking lot was dirt with huge ruts in it.  The BMW barely survived the chasms.  Jim said the restroom was disgusting.  Never again.  I don’t give a crap who’s performing there.  I feel dirty just typing this.  Blech!

2011-05-22 004Above: Tacky light fixtures.

2011-05-21 002Above: Christmas décor with straw hats above the bar.  Jim said the dust was so thick.

2011-05-21 003Above: The pretty ceiling.  Icicle lights hung down from the ceiling here and there.  Not one full strand worked completely.

2011-05-22 005Above: Check out the ceiling/lighting/icicle lights.

Here’s the best photos I was able to get.  The lighting was horrible (surprise).

2011-05-22 0102011-05-22 0112011-05-22 0122011-05-22 0132011-05-22 0142011-05-21 0012011-05-22 0062011-05-22 0072011-05-22 0082011-05-22 009

The line at the bar was plain dumb.  2 bartenders was simply not enough to handle the crowd.  The place smelled.  EVERYTHING was dirty, dusty, and nasty.  I gotta go take an extra shower.


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