4-27-11 Wednesday (Lions & Turkeys)

So far this week:

The family we hired to help unload the moving truck upon our Charlotte arrival texted Jim a couple of photos of Jag’s lion cut.  As you may recall, we gave up Jag to them when the mover’s wife commented on how she’d like a cat like Jag.  Jag is a VERY loveable cat but got picked on by Dasher and Clea.  Jag deserved a single pet home and from what we hear is doing very well with the constant attention.  Jim and I always wanted to give him a lion cut but never did.  Here he is:



2008-11-05 UT JagAbove: Jag during our RVing trip while in Salt Lake City.

On Monday, my supervisor asked me to take my dart guns home.  He says there have been complaints for other supervisors.  I was told that while I was in Asheville, dart shooting may have gotten a little out of hand.  Oh well.  I gave them to co-worker Erinn who I knew had 2 boys that would probably enjoy them.  She sent me a Facebook photo with a caption, “Thanks Uncle One-T!!!”


I’m not sure if Erinn reads the blog but the photo really meant a lot.  What a perfect thank you!

In other news, I read that the PlayStation Network had been hacked and compromised.  Luckily I keep a password file via KeePass.   I had to see if my user name and password on the PS3 was the same for anything important like online banking.  What a pain.  It’s gonna take me a few days to change passwords every where.

I spent today (my day off) catching up with friends and family via phone calls.  A trip to BJ’s for some shopping.  Laundry (of course).  Food prep (crustless quiche).  Funny as I blog, I can’t figure out what took up most of my time today.  I only played a video game for just a little over an hour.  Hmmm, time flies.

Once Jim got home from work, we threw my amazingly delicious turkey meatloaf in to the oven and visited our future home site to see what’s going on.  Some framing on the ground, a portapotty and temporary electrical box has arrived.  Now speaking of turkey… as we drove home we spotted this.  Is it a turkey?


There it was in someone’s front yard.  A wild turkey?  I must brag and tell you that the street (Rocky River) our future community (Crab Orchard) entrance is on is beautiful.  A pond, this turkey thingy, rich green trees and grass.  Thick foliage.  Some old quaint looking homes.  It’s a curvy beautiful road.  I love the surroundings.


  1. Hello, I have followed your blog and love to read what you post.
    The photo is a Guinea Hen. They are good watch-birds. A lot of farms have them for this purpose and to eat bugs from the garden.
    I can't stand tem ecause they are so noisey.

  2. Wow, bad spelling. Slow computer tonight and I did now spell check before posting. I apologize for that.

  3. Thanks dianaW! Now that you mentioned it I seem to remember someone else telling me that months ago. Ugly looking things!

  4. I'd never heard of KeePass. Might check that out.

    Love that you found a good home for the weaponry- stinks that they had to be made to go away.

    Love the kitty pics! Glad he's in such a nice home. Although, I've always thought that lion cut was weird looking but I bet it's great for summertime for long haired kitties.


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