1-28-11 Friday (Bits & Pieces)

I should just call this entry “bits and pieces of miscellaneous useless shit I forgot to bore you with on prior entries” entry:

Back on the 11th, I told you about Jim’s dress code for work.  Business casual.  Jim decided to go through his non-jean pants to see what he had to work out.  He and I have plumped out quite a bit.  After he put away the pants that had oddly shrunk, he decided he’d need to pay the Salvation Army a visit.  It was 1/2 price Wednesday.  He got many pairs of pants for me and himself.  $2.50 a pair!  I forgot to count but here’s a huge pile of clothes there.  He also picked up a couple of sweaters and polo shirts.

2011-01-27 002

He even scored on some brand new stuff with tags still attached!

2011-01-27 003

I strategically turned the tag so you couldn’t see the size so don’t bother looking for it.

Back on the 11th, I also mentioned that I wasn’t going to bother ironing the gobs of dress shirts that had piled up.  Why bother?  He’s been wearing them under sweaters.  Well, his classroom has been warm so he’s not been wearing sweaters.  I had to iron them.  After a had ironed a few, I noticed that at times the mesh pattern of the board itself was coming through onto the shirts.  I previously stuck an old t-shirt between the decrepit pad and board.   Now I tried a towel.  The cover elastic has now broken.  it’s very old and dry rotted.  Ya know, I tried replacing the damn thing in February.    Here’s a picture from that blog post:


I went to Walmart.com and looked up the price of an ironing board.  Maybe my board is too strange to find a cover for?  A new ironing board $60?  Holy crap.  I muddled through it with the falling-apart cover.  26 shirts later.  Done.   Once I’m working, shirts will go to the cleaners for wash and press services. 

Today I measured the board and stopped into a Walmart.  They had a wide board cover!

2011-01-28 004

Eureka!  Perfect!  I bought 5 of them.  No, just kidding.  I bought one!  It’s love.

    2011-01-28 0062011-01-28 005 

Funny thing is that the ironing is all done.  Or was it?  Jim “found” 3 shirts that needed touching up.  Bastard.  Oh well, I tried out the new cover.  It was packaged all balled up.  I had to iron the damn thing.  Really.  

Earlier in the week, I picked up a few items at BJ’s.  I’ve mentioned it on a previous post, and I’m gonna mention it again.  I hate BJ’s price signs.  Other than knowing the absolute price, it certainly does nothing to help me compare prices.  Degree deodorant.  Perhaps a price per ounce?  Nah.  At BJ’s it’s by the quart.

2011-01-25 001

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