1-15-11 Saturday (ABC’s Of Business)

I ended yesterday’s post with telling you that Jim had a 3 day weekend.  Let’s talk about Jim’s work.  OK, I’ll write talk you listen read.  It’s been crazy for him, for us.  He works for company Z as a contracted underwriter for company P.  Just before Christmas he found out company P would not be renewing their contract with his company.  Oh shit!  Just after Christmas he was a chosen handful that knew early on that he’d be underwriting for company C.  Phew!  As a side note, there were many others on his teams that didn’t find out until recently what their fate would be.  Everyone’s job is safe!

Training for company C’s system was to begin when Jim’s mom was here.  Oy.  Luckily he was able to catch the next class which starts Tuesday.  In the meantime, since the contract ended, no new loans were being issued, just cleaning up what was already there so that made for slow times.  Jim couldn’t make it in Monday due to the snow/ice.  On Tuesday they let the office close early due to more inclement weather.  Wednesday and Thursday Jim was feeling sick.  He had a headache and felt very nauseous.  We suspect he gets migraines from time to time.  He’s had the same symptoms in the past including light sensitivity. 

So, now on to this weekend.  He has the weekend off as typical plus MLK day off on Monday.

So, reader Cindy recently commented:

Cindy's Comment

I wanted to address a few things.  Thanks for reading for such a long time!  HUGS!  The “three-letter employer”.  For ease we’ll call it CCC (BBB was taken = Better Business Bureau).  Funny you mention that because I recently found out that all the bosses have been terminated.  Guys like the Vice President… gone. 

ClusterAbove: You remember the constant badgering, don’t ya?

My immediate supervisor was the District Manager.  He’s gone too!

DockedAbove: He’ll best be remembered for this email.

As I dug through the emails, there were so many similar to these.  All negative.   All threats.  But, I digress.  A few days ago I called the Regional Manager of CCC and left a voice mail saying I had heard about the positive management changes and that I’d be interested in returning.  I never heard back.  I guess he wasn’t interested.  It’s not like I’m negative or anything.  Uhhhhh, yeah. 

The poor girl who fell into the pit.  Angela.  I’ll have to look into that.  I transferred to a different store shortly after (the one with Ruby).  I don’t even know if my employee, Bob, still works there to find out.  He’d probably be my only contact for that store other than driving there (45 minutes away) and conversing with the techs.

imageIn other news, we’re close to being ready for official house hunting.  Jim has been working on required documents and paperwork that will enable us to get a home for incredible mortgage rates (4.5%) and terms through NACA.  You can click the link if you want to know more.  Chances are it’s available in your area.

NACA highlights

We’ve been house hunting / neighborhood watching for several months now.  We’ve got a pretty good idea of what areas we’d like to be in.  There’s a house we’ve been very interested in.  Jim and I have gone to see it several times.  We love the property, location and the looks of the house through the windows.  Last weekend we had our realtor show us the inside.  We’re no longer that interested.  Upon closer inspection it’s been poorly renovated and some of the space doesn’t quite work for us.  Oh well, there’s others.

Funny, I had so much to say and yet nothing about today’s stuff.  We drove around, looked at some houses and ate dinner at TGI Fridays.  Oh how I missed my Cheesy Bacon Cheeseburger and Green Bean Fries.


  1. So glad everyone was able to keep their job, especially Jim !!! Now if we could only find something for you that was perfect. It will arrive soon, I am sure. Something NOT like your last job. What a disaster that place is.
    Good luck on the house hunting.

  2. Great post, Garret. I was wondering about Angela too. Hope she's returned to perfect health and has gotten the hell away from Triple C. Maybe she'll give them an appropriate parting gift in the form of a lawsuit? One can only hope.

    Hey! House-hunting is so exciting! I hope you find the perfect place and that mortgage opportunity looks dreamy.

    Next up... a great job for you with an employer that will appreciate your incredible talent, experience, and impeccable work ethic. As you know, sometimes it takes a few strikes to hit a home run.

    Thinking of you and sending you positive employment vibes. Love you.

  3. I hate to tell you but we're rolling out a new menu on Jan 26. No more Cheesy Bacon Cheeseburger. And the Fajitas are leaving (what a a PITA they were to deliver!). I forget what else is being deleted from the menu.

    The good news is Oreo Madness is coming back!


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